13 Best Things To Do This March 2022 In Singapore


Qistina Bumidin •  Mar 01, 2022

We might be small, but we’re packed with so many exciting activities! ? While the pandemic situation may be unpredictable, it doesn’t mean you can’t plan to make the most of March! We found 13 fun and cool activities to do in Singapore this March ?

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Activities In SG To Do With Your Loved Ones In March 2022

1. Walk through a field of sakura flowers

Credit: @dr_shruthy_chacko for Instagram

From March 4 to April 3, walk through the torii gates at the Flower Dome, and feast your eyes with beautiful hanami (flower viewing) of sakura and momo (peach blossoms)! You can also enjoy a display of koinobori (Japanese carp streamers) and gawk over elegant Japanese red-crowned cranes (tancho) gracing the Flower Field ? It gets even better: Tokidoki characters such as Donutella, Sandy and others are spread all over, so try to spot them among the landscape!

There are also other Japanese-inspired installations perfect for photo opportunities such as the traditional round Japanese windows, or marumado, often found in temples, and rickshaws ? Check out the website to get your tickets now!

Address: 18 Marina Gardens Dr, Singapore 018953

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2. Pretend you’re in Jurassic Park 

Credit: Jocelyn Wong on Facebook

Live out your Jurassic World experience at Asia’s first-ever dinosaur showcase at Brickosaurs World, consisting of more than 60 life-sized dinosaurs. Till 3 May 2022, explore and meet Mandai's wild animals as you roam through ''forests'' of tiny raptors, gigantic T-Rexes and more ? These dinosaurs are made using 1.5 Million LEGO bricks constructed over a period of 8,548 hours! There are also other activities such as a maze, a digging site and various craft workshops for a full family-fun day out with your kids (or you long-time Jurassic World fans ?)

Address: 80 Mandai Lake Rd, Singapore 729826

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3. Live out your millionaire dreams (cheaply) on a yacht with halal food

Credit: @emmaroseyacht for Instagram

Beaches will be crowded, especially during the March holidays, but they aren’t the only places you have to go for a nice dip in the water, or simply suntanning by the shores ? Gather your family or friends and head to Singapore’s offshore islands with Emma Rose Yacht! This private yacht service offers a peaceful time by the blue waters with your loved ones away from the crowds, while indulging in delicious BBQ mookata on board. You can also have a yachtcation and stay overnight! ?

Halal status of food offered for BBQ Mookata meals: All of the food provided comes from halal-certified suppliers.

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4. Say Bon Voyage for the last time to a famous attraction 

Credit: Keekid Claire on Facebook

Universal Studios Singapore's (USS) Madagascar Zone will be closing soon ?, but not before a wild goodbye! Join your favourite Madagascar characters as you enjoy their Madagascar-themed snacks, amazing floats from their Bon Voyage! Blowout! parade and thrilling rides ?

Happening only from 10-27 March 2022, you're absolutely going to love the farewell celebration. Afterwards, you could also head over to one of these halal eateries on Sentosa to have a well-deserved feast!

Address: 8 Sentosa Gateway, 098269

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5. Feed adorable rhinos at Night Safari

Credit: Mandai Wildlife Group

Spend some time with 5-year-old Newari and his 8-year-old brother, Thulie, at the Night Safari this March! For the first time since their arrival in Singapore, you’ll not only get to see these adorable Indian rhinoceros, you’ll also get to feed them (we heard Newari loves carrots ?). If you’re curious about what their life in the zoo is like, Newari’s caretakers are more than willing to share about this intriguing species of rhinos through anecdotes and fun facts. Did you know that the Indian rhinoceros are the largest among the rhino species? ?

Address: 80 Mandai Lake Rd, Singapore 729826

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6. Explore the bygone homes of dinosaurs 

Credit: asrafrashid85 on Instagram

If your kids simply can’t get enough of dinosaurs, you definitely have to check out Downtown East’s dinosaur-themed interactive indoor playground! Up till 20 March 2022, the Jurassic Dinosaur Playground Downtown East hosts a charming forest area. Home to different kinds of dinosaurs, this forest area has tons of IG-worthy photo opportunities and games for children, making it the perfect spot for family fun! ? There’s bouncy castles, ball pits, trampolines, slides, and more. Your kids are going to have the best time ever! ?

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7. Visit one of Singapore's most-anticipated exhibitions 

Credit: Arts Science Museum

Attack On Titan: The Exhibition has landed in Singapore last month, and is still the talk of the town, From now till until July 3, gawk over 150 artworks by Hajime Isayama, showcasing iconic characters and themes, including those that have not been displayed anywhere else in the world, it’s a dream come true for fans, Levi stans or not ? You can even experience an immersive battle sequence set in the Great Titan Theatre.

Address: ArtScience Museum, 6 Bayfront Ave, Singapore 

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8. Watch the museum come to life at night

Credit: @n3v3r3xisted for Instagram

Well, unfortunately, that only still exists in a movie, but you can explore the Museum of Ice Cream at night! ? From 6 pm till late, you and your friends have complete access to 14 enchanting, interactive and multi-sensory installations that have the theme of ice cream, candy and more ? Jump to your heart's content at the bouncy castles, swim in a pool of sprinkles, enter the world of banana splits, the list is endless! In addition, there are also adult-centric activities you can play and unlimited ice cream treats ?

Halal status: Their ice-creams are not halal-certified at the moment, but they do serve vegan and egg-free alternatives at each treat station. A ticket to Night At The Museum offers non-alcoholic beverages. 

Address: 100 Loewen Rd, Singapore 248837

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9. Have a magical time at the happiest place on Earth

Credit: Klook

If you and your family are huge fans of Disney, here’s one exhibition you won’t want to miss! Pop-Up Disney! A Mickey Celebration pays tribute to Mickey Mouse, Disney’s most iconic character and this is the first time the exhibition is in Asia!  ?Step into 7 different themed experiences inspired by Mickey Mouse and snap IG-worthy pictures with various backdrops. One highlight is the Mickey Loves Singapore: Dreamland Carnival room where you can uncover surprise appearances behind 21 secret doors within the art of the room. You can also participate in a Pop-Up Disney! trivia or bring home exclusive Singapore-only Mickey merchandise! Hurry, it’s ending on 20th March, so book your tickets! ??

P.S. Upgrade your staycation plans to a Disney-themed one at Andaz, which gives you free tickets to the exhibition!

10. Unleash your creative vandal with some graffiti

Credit: @heavenspotsg for Instagram

It’s time to have fun, so let go of all your stresses, pick up a spray can and create your very own unique art! Heaven Spot is a community-driven space where you’re free to spray paint whatever you’d like. Create murals, write your name, or whatever comes to mind! Once your 75 minutes is up, Heaven Spot will capture you and your beautiful works of art with three photos that you get to take home. Even your kids can come to join in the fun! 

Address: 3 Lor Bakar Batu, #03-01, Singapore 348741

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11. Be a spectator to one of the most exciting racing games

For two years, we didn’t get to watch the likes of Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton fighting it out on the race track, and we’re hoping the third time’s a charm. Nevertheless, you can still get in the fun and watch a wholly unique racing game: D1 Racing's Sentosa Palawan Beach Grand Prix. ? You can witness these flying crafts whizzing on land, over water, around islets and more! The pilots will be flying drones using first-person view technology in this exciting race. There are also live street drummers and spectacular cheerleading performances, in this unique and futuristic racing experience! Perhaps, this might be the kind of F1 you might like? ?

Address: Sentosa Island, Palawan Beach


12. Prepare to get trippy at this museum

Credit: @rachelloveu for Instagram

You might not be able to pose for travel photos but you can still take those fun shots with your friends at the Trick Eye Museum! Be treated to an array of artworks that'll turn your photos into a 4D masterpiece with the help of optical illusion. This is also Singapore's first Augmented Reality (AR) museum! From fairytale scenes to renowned artworks, you're guaranteed a session of fun here. ?

Address: 80 Siloso Road, Southside Interim Market Blk B # 01, 04, 098969

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13. Get romantic with your partner at this Korean-esque park

When the sunrise, sea breeze, and greenery come together, Changi Bay Park Connector almost looks like the famed Jeju Island that appears in every other K-drama. Why not go on a romantic stroll with your partner and bask in the fresh air? ? Or if you’re the adventurous type, go for a hike or cycle along the first part of the Round Island Route, that’s about 150km long. ?

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If you think we should add more to the list, let us know and we will update. Keep this article in mind the next time you’re looking for something to do this March! Have fun and stay safe! ?