NEW: Fattybombom Is Opening A Mini Restaurant In Tampines SG This 13 February 2021


Siti Ayeeshah Zaki •  Feb 09, 2022

Heading to Tampines and you're just not sure what to eat? Check out this up and coming mini restaurant by Fattybombom Group! Opening in Tampines North, their first standalone outlet, MANA LAGI? will be opening on 13 February 2022! Read on to find out what mouth-watering meals you can delight in at this new, unique space! Halal food in Tampines just received an upgrade ?

MANA LAGI? by Fattybombom In Tampines North

Hanging out with friends and just can't decide what to eat? MANA LAGI? has 4 different brands with a variety of different flavours for you to choose from! A range of tastes suitable for every palate in one place, there's a little something for everyone. Check it out!

1. Do Re Mee

Credit: Fattybombom Group on Facebook 

A huge fan of noodles? Do Re Mee has come to the East with Fattybombom Group's new mini restaurant! Home to a variety of delicious noodles like Do Re Mee Laksa ($4.80), Fried Fish Noodle ($4.50) and Chicken Cutlet Noodle ($5), you'll be slurping up a good time at MANA LAGI? ?

2. Oishi Teppan

Credit: Fattybombom Group on Facebook

Craving for Japanese food? Look no further! Oishi Teppan's got your back. Served with sides of Miso Soup, Japanese Rice and Cold Tofu, Oishi Teppan's 8 delicious dishes will transport you to Japan. Try out their Saka Teriyaki ($8), Teppan Gyuriku ($6.80)or Chicken Katsu ($6) f0r a flavourful dose of Japanese food. If you're feeling extra hungry, you could also opt for side dishes like Ebi Tempura ($3.80/3pcs) and Chicken Kasaage ($3.50)!

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3. Abang Gemuk

Credit: intanina on Instagram

Western food lovers this is for you! Abang Gemuk's dishes will also be available at the new MANA LAGI? outlet! Cooking up succulent servings of three different types of burgers like the Cheesy Chicken Burger ($7.70), mouth-watering meals including the Black Pepper and Brown Sauce Chicken Chop ($7.50) and even juicy meats like Black Pepper Ribeye Steaks ($13), you'll never go wrong with Abang Gemuk's delightful dishes ?

P.S. They've even got 8 different finger foods and sides for you to complete your meal!

4. Nasi Kari

Credit: Fattybombom Group

Last but not least, we have Nasi Kari! An Indonesian food haven, they offer 8 different delectable plates of Indonesian goodness. From Ikan Sambal Belado ($7.20) to Curry Chicken ($6.90), you won't get bored ?

Credit: Fattybombom Group

Did you think that was the end? It isn't! MANA LAGI? also has a selection of refreshing drinks for you to choose from. Cooldown and have a sip of Calamansi, Bandung or Blue Longan. For the adventurous, or for anyone who wants to try something new, you could also opt for the Sparkling Longan, Three Layer Thai Milk Tea or Balonglong! ?

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Credit: Fattybombom Group

Opening on 13 February 2022, halal food in Tampines will never be the same. No longer will discussions about where to eat with your buddies be dragged out - especially when you have a spot that serves so much in the same space! Share this with your loved ones to check out the opening of Fattybombom's new mini restaurant ?


Halal Status: Pending halal-certification