Meet The Malaysian Woman Who Was Hired By Tesla As A Robotics Engineering Instructor


Ili •  Aug 13, 2021

When big dreams turn into reality, the story is one of hard work, determination and endless passion. This can be said for Fakhirah Khairuddin, a Malaysian woman who successfully landed a job at one of the world's most advanced artificial intelligence companies - Tesla! Currently based in Fremont, California, keep reading to see Fakhirah's journey that got her to where she is today.

Credit: Richard Ker on Facebook

According to a Facebook post by Dr Zulkifli Hussain, Fakhirah was an alumna of MARA Junior Science College before receiving a scholarship from Majlis Amanah Rakyat (MARA) to study at the University of California San Diego. Her road to securing a position at Tesla, one that's filled with plenty of impressive achievements, was further made known in another Facebook post by Richard Ker, the vice president of Aerodyne Group in Malaysia. Check out some of her credentials below:

  • She has worked as a Propulsion Development Engineer at the University of California, where she wrote Matlab codes to study the heat conduction of a rocket engine.
  • She designed and programmed a robotic arm, winning her first place in the Northrop Grumman System Engineering Challenge 2019 - beating out a total of 50 teams.
  • She was a team lead and spearheaded the research and development of a Hexacopter Project with USCD.
  • She designed a quadcopter, sensor casing and landing gear using the Solidworks programme and demonstrated new concepts through 3D print testing and improve the designs.

Many Malaysians took to the posts to congratulate Fakhirah and express their pride in her achievements and recent success. Her story is an inspirational one to read and we wish Fakhirah all the best and even greater success in the future ?

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