Lexis Hibiscus 2: New 5-Star Resort To Open In Port Dickson By 2024 - Featuring Private Pool Villas & A Sunken Aquarium


Ili •  Oct 14, 2021

Where to stay in Port Dickson?

Planning a short trip to Port Dickson is a fun way to escape the bustling city. Just an hour away from Kuala Lumpur, you can enjoy the laid-back beach and spend the night in amazing private pool villas. A popular choice among travellers is Lexis Hibiscus Port Dickson, known for their beautiful pool villas that sit on the water arranged in the shape of the hibiscus flower. Now, the Lexis Hotel Group is collaborating with Kuala Lumpur Metro Group to launch Lexis Hibiscus 2!

Lexis Hibiscus 2: New 5-star luxury resort to open by 2024

Credit: Lexis Hibiscus Port Dickson

According to The Edge Markets, Lexus Hibiscus 2 will be nestled along Pasir Panjang beach, built adjacent to the existing Lexis Hibiscus property . Offer 760 rooms in total, there will be 582 water villas and 178 sky pool villas. Each villa in the luxury resort will have its own private dipping pool so guests can enjoy the shores of Port Dickson's with their loved ones in complete privacy.

Credit: Lexis Hibiscus Port Dickson

Apart from the private pool villas, the upcoming resort will feature exciting amenities such as a sunken aquarium with a built-in restaurant - the first of its kind in Malaysia! There will also be a musical fountain plus Negeri Sembilan's largest ballroom - The Grand Ballroom that is expected to accommodate up to 2,000 people!

Plus, visitors can look forward to Hibiscus Walk, a unique outdoor shopping and dining destination offering plenty of street food stalls to satisfy your cravings of authentic Malaysian cuisine.

It'll be a while until travellers get to experience a stay at Lexis Hibiscus 2. So while we patiently wait for its grand opening, check out these other amazing accommodations in Malaysia: