Guide To Lazarus & St John's Island: How To Go And Things To Do


Nia Sarah •  Jun 18, 2021

Your beach vacation plans might seem like a faraway holiday right now but what if we told you that you can still get the same experience in Singapore? ? Beach lovers, there's a spot that you need to add to your list  St John's and Lazarus Island! If you're in need of a retreat, these islands are perfect to escape the bustling city life. Both islands are connected by a pavement you can walk across so you can explore to your heart's content with ease. You can also find pristine beaches with gorgeous blue seas ? If you're planning a trip to the islands and wondering how to get there or what you can do, we've got you covered with this guide ?

How to get to St John's/Lazarus Island:

To get to St John's Island, hop aboard the Singapore Island Cruise & Ferry Services. It's the first and original company that started the island-hopping service since 2007 from Marina South Pier! They also have the largest fleet of ferries based at the pier. There are no ferries stopping by Lazarus Island but you can cross over from St John's Island.

Things To Do At St John's/Lazarus Island:

1. Picnic at the beach

There are no stores on the islands, so be sure to pack your food and water for your entire stay - which means you can set up a little picnic spot for your lunch at the beach! ? Bring a picnic mat, a meal and a snack or two and you're all set ? Take note that there are no toilets or trash cans on Lazarus Island so you will need to take your trash with you back for disposal at St John’s Island.

2. Go fishing

If you're an ardent fisher, you'll definitely want to go fishing on the island. Apart from the waters to swim in, you can fish in the rest of the areas, especially the breakwaters! From snappers to groupers, you'll get the perfect catch here.

3. Stay overnight at a chalet

Credit: SLA

Visitors can reside at St John's Island Lodge for an overnight stay! For a small group, you can book the Eagle Lodge which is a former bungalow on the island:

  • Max 10 Pax

  • Air-conditioning

  • 4 Bedrooms – 1 Queen, 8 Single, disposable bedlinen

  • 2 Showers/Toilets

  • Electric cooking hob, electric kettle, basic cooking utensils, no individual cutlery

  • Weekdays (Mon – Thu) S$21.40 per day

  • Weekend (Fri – Sun) S$42.80 per day

There are 3 other lodges on the island and you can check them out here!

4. Go cycling on the island

From $25 on Klook, you can rent a bicycle tour on the islands too! With both islands being connected, you'll be able to explore both locations even easier with a bike to ride around with. Visit the islands' destinations, look at wildlife and explore the green trail with a route of slopes and bends to get in a moderate workout too ?

5. Rent A Beach Tent

With the same package on Klook, you can even rent a pop-up beach tent for you to chill in and take in the sights of Lazarus beach. The horseshoe-shaped bend of the sandy beach gives a magnificent view of the clear blue waters ? What better way to take a break from your fun activities than to relax with your loved ones under the shade!

Let your loved ones know it's time for a trip to the island!