This Hidden Restaurant in Taipei Has Been Serving Delicious Halal Food for Nearly 30 Years


Sri Anindiati Nursastri •  Oct 20, 2021

With awesome shopping, majestic nature sights and amazing food, Taiwan is a destination you should visit once borders reopen. Not to mention that in recent years, Taiwan has increased the number of its halal eateries and amenities for Muslim travellers. Finding halal food in Taiwan and its capital, Taipei, is not a huge challenge. Besides savouring authentic halal Taiwanese food like beef noodles, you can also find halal international cuisine in Taiwan. One halal restaurant in Taipei that serves international cuisine is Kunming Islamic Restaurant

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Kunming Islamic Restaurant - one of Taiwan’s earliest halal restaurants

Credit: Taiwan Learning Trip

Founded in 1994, Kunming Islamic Restaurant in Taipei is a familiar name to many Muslims who frequently patronise the restaurant. The restaurant’s owner was born in Myanmar and has been Muslim for generations. Having been around for nearly 30 years, the restaurant got famous through word of mouth. One main highlight of the restaurant is the currencies of various countries that are pressed under the glass of its dining table. Customers all over the world will sign banknotes and contribute to the restaurant’s collection. 

Once a restaurant serving Yunnan cuisine, now they sell a range of international cuisines

Credit: Taiwan Learning Trip

When Kunming Islamic Restaurant first started out, they mainly sold Yunnan cuisine. But as they received more travellers from all over the world, they now have a variety of international cuisines from Indian to the Middle East, Southeast Asian and more. It’s just like the United Nations of food! Don’t miss out on its signature dishes such as Nanyang Omelette, Tom Yum Goong, Coconut Chicken, Shrimp Paste Water Spinach, Naan and Musaka. These are all highly recommended so make sure you try these dishes the next time you’re there!

Credit: Taiwan Learning Trip

The Musaka is a must-order - it’s a Middle Eastern delicacy with ground beef, eggplant, tomato and topped with cream. For something spicier, you can also savour the Thai classic Tom Yum Goong. 

Credit: Taiwan Learning Trip

While you’re unable to travel to Taiwan yet, it’s not too early to start bookmarking the halal restaurants you want to visit on your next trip! Be sure to add Kunming Islamic Restaurant to your list for a feast. For more things to do around Taipei, check out the Taipei City Tourism website.

Kunming Islamic Restaurant

Halal status: Muslim-owned

Address: No. 26, Lane 81, Fuxing North Road, Songshan District, Taipei City Phone: (02) 2751-6776

Opening hours: Weekdays 11:30~14:00, 17:30~21:00/Holidays 17:30~21:00


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