SG's Killiney Kopitiam's First Outlet In USA Is The New Hot Spot in Silicon Valley


Tiara •  Aug 19, 2021

What is a kopitiam?

Kopitiam is a traditional coffee shop, mostly found in South East Asian countries, especially Singapore and Malaysia.

A typical Singaporean kopitiam usually serving tea, coffee, and breakfast items such as the all-time favorite kaya toast and soft-boiled eggs.

One of the oldest kopitiam in Singapore is Killiney Kopitiam that started in 1919.

Credit: @killiney_kopitiam_usa

After a number of generations and a century-old tradition, Killiney Kopitiam made its way to the USA with its first outlet in Silicon Valley, Palo Alto, California.

Killiney Kopitiam in Palo Alto was opened by a Singaporean, Amanda Toh Steckler.

It's actually been a while since its first opening in September 2020 after a series of delays due to the pandemic. However, sources said that there was a 1-hour queue at the door on the soft opening day.

Credit: @killiney_kopitiam_usa

Same as other outlets all over the world, this Californian outlet serves authentic Singaporean dishes such as laksa, chicken rice, nasi lemak, char kway teow, and mee siam.

Their signature breakfast menu includes kaya toast with butter, chicken congee, and soft-boiled eggs.

All of the beverage menus are using the original names, such as Kopi O Kosong, Kopi C, Teh O, Teh C and Yuan Yang.

Credit: @killiney_kopitiam_usa

Interestingly, the outlet features a huge banner on how to order the traditional coffee and tea, complete with the composition and illustration!

They also have the special drinks that also Singapore's favorite, like the Milo Dinosaur and Bandong.

Unfortunately, Killiney Kopitiam Palo Alto is serving non-halal menus such as Bak Kut Teh and Pork Cutlet.

Credit: @eatwithdiana

On the pricing side, Killiney Kopitiam Palo Alto is definitely more expensive compared to home. For example, the price for drinks starts from 3,50 US dollars (Kopi O Kosong and Teh O Kosong) while you can get the same item for around SGD 2.

Same thing with the food menu. One portion of SGD 6,5 laksa is 15 US dollars at the establishment.

However, the price doesn't seem to be an obstacle for the customers as this kopitiam is always crowded with people.

Credit: @killiney_kopitiam_usa

The pandemic is also a challenge for this relatively new eatery. In order to adapt to the circumstances, Killiney Kopitiam Palo Alto continues to evolve, from providing takeaways, opening orders for hampers, to opening an outdoor seating area, complete with heaters!

This source said that Killiney Kopitiam USA will expand its business to five new locations in California this year. Cupertino, Santa Clara, Mountain View, Livermore, and Walnut Creek.

That's a huge step in order to introduce its popular laksa and kaya toast throughout California and the rest of the region.

So, will the breakfast scene in Silicon Valley be picturing kaya toast and soft-boiled eggs? We'd say that it's a possibility!

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