Juk Story: Savour Halal Korean Congee In Singapore (By Seoul Garden!)


Faruq Senin •  Aug 02, 2021

The weather's been rather gloomy and rainy lately so that means it's the perfect time to savour a hot bowl of soup or porridge. If you're a fan of halal Korean food in Singapore, you might be familiar with usual favourites like bibimbap, tteokbokki or bulgogi. But have you tried "Juk" or Korean porridge in Singapore? Juk is very popular in Korea as a light meal or a comforting breakfast and Juk Story is one eatery that serves it in Singapore. You might have seen an eatery called Juk Story on GrabFood's halal section and wondered, "Is Juk Story halal?" Well, we've got the answers!

Juk Story, halal Korean porridge in Singapore by Seoul Garden

We first spotted Juk Story at the Seoul Garden outlet at Bugis Junction. A signboard outside the outlet mentioned that Juk Story (along with Two Hana) is only available for delivery. Well, Juk Story is actually one of Seoul Garden's virtual kitchen brands, which means that they don't have a physical space for dine-in.

If you go on Seoul Garden and Seoul Garden Hotpot's delivery website, you'll also be able to find Juk Story's menu in the Korean congee section. Though you might not be able to enjoy Juk Story in-store when dine-in resumes, the good news is that you can order it for delivery from any Seoul Garden and Seoul Garden Hotpot outlet.

Credit: Seoul Garden

Juk Story serves a variety of Korean congee and the Dakjuk (chicken porridge) is the most common one you'll find in Korea. Juk Story's chicken porridge, the Ginseng Dak Beoseot Juk, consists of minced chicken, prawn, assorted mushrooms and ginseng.

Juk Story's Jeonbok-juk (Abalone congee) and Sogogi-juk (Braised beef congee) are also common porridge dishes that you might find in Korea too.

What's different about Juk Story as compared to eateries in Korea is its unique selection of porridge. Seafood lovers would appreciate their Salmon Juk, Unagi Juk or Ginseng Tako Salmon Juk. They also have even more interesting dishes like Collagen Juk and IMPOSSIBLE Meatball Juk.

If you're in need of something comforting while staying home, be sure to try out Juk Story! SHARE this news with your friends and family ? In need of something warm? Check these guides out: