Johor Will Be The First City In Southeast Asia To Use The Autonomous Rail Rapid Transit


Ili •  Aug 30, 2021

What is Autonomous Rail Rapid Transit (ART)?

There are many things we miss about Johor! Whether you enjoy exploring the best things to do or delicious halal food in Johor, we're waiting for when the time is right before we can resume our travel plans.

While we're staying home and dreaming of our getaway, we're excited to share that Johor will be the first city in Southeast Asia to use the Autonomous Rail Rapid Transit (ART)! Also known as a railless guided transport system, ART is equipped with various sensor systems that read routes and assist the driver in following the routes on a virtual track. The vehicle be described as a crossover between a train, a bus and a tram. You can find it in many other major countries like Taiwan, Spain and China.

Credit: @sunahsakura on Instagram

How will ART operate?

Unlike the MRT, LRT and KTM, rails will not be built for the ART as it will use virtual routes and communication features linked to traffic lights. The system will fully utilize electric and hydrogen power, the same way conventional train systems do.

Where will ART's route go?

Credit: Iskandar Malaysia Bus Rapid Transit (IMBRT)

Currently, Phase 1 expands to 51km and includes 39 stations:

  • 19 stations in Tebrau
  • 13 stations in Skudai
  • 7 stations in Iskandar Puteri

Each station and terminal will have facilities such as convenience stores, lifts, and escalators, as well as surau and toilets.

This Autonomous Rail Rapid Transit in Johor is definitely an exciting development that we're looking forward to especially once it's completed! In the meantime, check out these articles to inspire your future holiday in Johor: