Meet Jibril, My Go-To Place For Salted Egg Butter Dish In Subang Jaya


Intan Nadia •  Jun 28, 2021

Jibril is my go-to-place for salted egg butter since 2016. It is a hidden halal bar and restaurant in SS15, Subang Jaya where we need to go through a “wall” to get in. It was exciting for the first time as it gives off Harry Potter vibe. It was even better when I know they serve butterbeer and named it Potter!

Credit: Intan Nadia

Jibril is quite far if you are from Kuala Lumpur but fret not, they have Mona by Jibril in Publika now! The menu is a bit different but you still can get their famous salted egg butter chicken. It is easier to find a parking spot too!

Here's the takeaway version of their Salted Egg Butter Combo that consists of chicken, squid and prawn cooked in salted egg paste. Warning: order only when you are REALLY hungry as the portion is bigger than the regular one.

Credit: Intan Nadia

Salty, sweet and a little kick of “cili padi” in every bite. Make sure to drench the rice with butter sauce provided for extra umph! For more recommendations, check out the best halal cafes in Subang Jaya for an amazing weekend treat!

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