Jetstar Is Offering Tickets From $57 to KL, Penang, Phuket And More From Now Till 12 August


Syahirah •  Aug 08, 2022

These days, travelling can get pretty pricey. Even an air ticket to the nearest city can wring you dry of a couple hundred dollars. ? And while it may be a little disappointing seeing the prices continue to increase, there is exciting news! Jetstar is offering air tickets from $57 to travel to cities like KL, Penang, Phukets and more so you can start getting excited about travelling again.

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In commemoration of National Day, Jetstar is offering air tickets to a whole list of destinations in Southeast Asia and Australia as part of their Stay Kiasu Sale. From now till 12 August, book a flight to visit the country of your choice without breaking the bank! ? With tickets prices starting from as low as $57 to visit KL, you have to make your decision fast! There are only 57,000 tickets available, so perhaps you’d want to call up your family and friends to start making holiday plans already.

But don’t panic! These tickets aren’t for immediate travel - depending on your chosen destination, the travel dates are still far away (as far as June 2023). For instance, you can get a ticket from $57 to Penang for 31 January to 8 March 2023. ? So you don’t have to take an impromptu holiday!  

These tickets are for one-way fares, are priced in Singapore dollars (SGD), and are based on bookings made at jetstar.com using SingPost. There is a Booking and Service fee for all other payment options. The price includes airfare-related surcharges and taxes!

Do note that these tickets are non-refundable and have limited changes are allowed, but at a fee, so please be sure to read the terms and conditions and book carefully.

Now you can plan for that long-awaited vacation and book a ticket in advance and in time for the holidays! Be sure to SHARE this article with your friends, families or whoever you’d like to travel with and tell them about this amazing opportunity that they won’t want to miss. ?