Is Lacher Patisserie Halal In Malaysia? Here's What You Should Know


Ili •  Jul 05, 2021

Anyone who loves sweet treats will appreciate the fact that there are many halal bakeries in KL and Selangor. From halal French desserts and pastries to decadent layered cakes, it's paradise for those with a sweet tooth. As we're staying home under lockdown - scrolling through our phones to find the next thing to eat - you may have come across Lacher Patisserie and their gorgeous bakes while wondering: Are they halal? Well, we're here to answer that today so keep on reading to find out!

What is Lacher Patisserie?

Lacher Patisserie is an online-based bakery that was founded by a team of three including a web designer, a personal shopper and pastry chef. Driven by their deep love of French desserts, they created Lacher Patisserie in hopes of making French desserts more accessible and convenient to Malaysians in their everyday life. Some of their best-selling items are Valrhona Caraibe Hazelnut Praline, Kochi Yuzu Mango Tart and Raspberry Valrhona Jivara Mousse Cake. You can also find other bakes such as individual desserts and limited edition items that are only available during seasonal holidays like Chinese New Year and Hari Raya.

Is Lacher Patisserie halal?

According to Lacher Patisserie on their website, they only use halal ingredients including halal bovine gelatine. Also, no alcohol is used in their baking. However, as of July 2021, Lacher Patisserie is not halal-certified by JAKIM.

We hope this answers some of the questions you might have about the halal status of Lacher Patisserie in Malaysia.

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