Is Impossible Food Really Halal? These 4 Questions Will Answer Your Doubts


Tiara •  Sep 28, 2021

Are Impossible Foods healthy?

These meatless meat products are made of plant-based protein. However, the answer to the question is not necessarily yes. It all depends on your personal health and diet.

Another question that was raised upon the launch of this alternative protein is if it's halal. Although it's plant-based, it takes further consideration to say that something is halal or not for Muslims.

To answer this question, HHWT Team gathered all the information required to wash away your hesitation.

What is it made of?

Impossible Foods come with a good cause - it aims to be sustainable in the long run and ease worldwide demand for beef. In general, meatless meat products like Impossible Foods are made of soy protein, coconut oil, sunflower oil, potato protein, yeast extract, methylcellulose, water, salt, gums, and additives such as vitamin B and zinc.

The meat flavor comes from heme, the compound in animal tissue that contains iron. In the meatless product, this taste comes from the yeast fermentation of the soy protein.

Is it halal?

Impossible Foods plans to launch a range of Impossible Pork and the product will be available in Singapore by the end of the year. Like any other Impossible product, this range is also made of plant-based protein. Hence, are Muslims allowed to consume it?

MUIS spoke to this source to address this issue, which had been asked by some other people. MUIS stated that to ascertain if such products can be consumed by Muslims, two things need to be considered: first is whether all its ingredients are permitted under Muslim law, and second whether there are undesirable social consequences arising from the consumption of such foods.

Furthermore, MUIS decided that in this case, it may cause confusion for the Muslim public from the use of the name of a clearly prohibited food item under Muslim law. In other words, MUIS advised Singaporeans to refrain from eating Impossible Pork.

However, Impossible Food itself stated that their Impossible Burger and the 14oz retail package of Impossible™ Sausage Made From Plants are halal-certified by the Islamic Food and Nutrition Council of America (IFANCA).

Given the facts, we suggest consuming this product at your own discretion.

It could be not halal...

Impossible products can be served in many ways. Although it's halal, cross-contamination with the non-halal products will make it prohibited to consume by Muslims. You have to make sure that whoever preparing your Impossible meal can do it in a full halal way to avoid cross-contamination.

Where can you get it?

Fatpapas is the first halal restaurant in Singapore to serve Impossible Foods. They have the Impossible Cheese Burger, The Impossible Cottage Pie, The Impossible Meatball Spaghetti, and The Impossible Chilli Queso and Chips. For one, the patty looks and smells convincing - you'll definitely mistake it for being a meat patty.

Take a closer look at these Impossible Foods in Singapore by reading our experience trying it out in this article!

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