Is Famous Amos Halal In Malaysia? We've Got The Answer!


Ili •  Jul 13, 2021

If there's one thing we love in life, it's chocolate chip cookies. As one of the most universally-loved treats in the world, there's always a time and place to enjoy all of its wonderful variations - chewy, crispy, large, small, those made with nuts, those with white chocolate, and more. A place that often comes to mind when talking about chocolate chip cookies in Malaysia is Famous Amos, which you may have wondered before - is Famous Amos halal? We're here to answer that question, so keep on reading!

P.S. You can also bake your own homemade chocolate chip cookies using this super easy recipe!

What is Famous Amos?

Founded in Los Angeles in 1975 by Wally Amos, Famous Amos is one of the most recognizable cookie brands in the world with chains across the world including countries like Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Brunei and Canada. They're most well-known for serving nine varieties of crunchy cookies on top of other goodies such as soft 'n' chewy cookies, muffins and brownies. Those who are searching for personalised gifts can also look to Famous Amos as they offer a wide range of items like gift boxes and hampers.

Is Famous Amos halal?

As of July 2021, Famous Amos is certified halal by JAKIM, which is great for anyone who is looking for halal sweet treats to enjoy in Malaysia!

We hope this article clarifies some of the questions you might have about the halal status of Famous Amos in Malaysia. For more options, check out these amazing bakery cafes in Klang Valley founded by inspiring Muslimahs and halal spots in KL and Selangor to get your fix of breads and baked goods.

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