Is Bundaberg Halal? Here's Everything You Need To Know


Cheng Sim •  Jun 10, 2021

Living in a tropical country where the weather is hot and humid, it's natural to crave for a refreshing drink to quench our thirst. While we're a fan of soft drinks, Bundaberg is one of the options we've seen in the supermarkets. Curious to know if Bundaberg is halal or not? Let's find out!

What is Bundaberg? 

Originated in Australia, Bundaberg is a family-owned business that specialises in craft brewed premium soft drinks. Since the 1960s, Bundaberg primarily uses real fruit juices, herbs and spices to bring out the natural taste of its drinks. They also use local ingredients such as ginger and sugarcane sourced from Queensland as well as planting their own so the flavours remain true from start to finish. Some of their best-selling Bundaberg flavours include Traditional Lemonade, Pink Grapefruit, and Guava.

Is Bundaberg halal? 

According to Bundaberg's official website, "all Bundaberg Brewed Drinks naturally brewed products contain minute residual traces of alcohol. Our manufacturing process uses natural yeast which feed on sugars and ferments the ‘brew’ to be used as a base for our beverages. Alcohol is a by-product of this fermentation process. Before we fill the product into bottles we heat the brew to above 70 degrees Celsius to kill the yeast, halt the fermentation process, and remove the alcohol. After this heating process all of our products have a residual alcohol level of less than 0.5%. It is this manufacturing process, and the natural brew component in our beverages which adds the flavour profile unique to our products.

The legal level allowable in a soft drink for it to be labelled as a non alcoholic beverage is 0.5%. We promote all of our beverages as a soft drink which is an acceptable alternative to intoxicating beverages. For further confirmation you may find information regarding Non Alcoholic Beverages in Food Standard 2.6.2 on Food Standards Australia New Zealand."

As of June 2021, Bundaberg also stated that their products have not been Halal or Kosher certified due to the small number of requests they receive.

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