Malaysia Is Ranked 13th in The World Consumption of Instant Noodle, Here's The Halal Ones You Should Try


Tiara •  Aug 18, 2021

Are instant noodles halal?

Not all of them, but there are definitely so many halal options when it comes to instant noodle.

It's easy, tasty, easy to find, and quick to be served. Instant noodle first born in Japan and now consumed all over the world, including Malaysia.

In fact, Malaysia is one of the country with world's highest demand for instant noodle! This year, Malaysia is ranked 13th in global demand for instant noodle with approximately 1,570 million serving.

This number is actually increasing from last year with 1,450 million serving. Imagine how much noodle it is if we serve it all at once!

This demand is also supported by the rich options of instant noodle available in the country. If you are looking for a culinary adventure that can be ready in 3 minutes, these halal instant noodles is for you!

Korean instant noodle

Mamee Daebak

This halal instant noodle is popular in Malaysia, Singapore, and even in South Korea itself. Super Junio member Heechul even mentioned it during a TV show.

Some of the popular flavor that can be easily found are the Spicy Fried Chicken Dry Noodle and Spicy Kimchi Noodle.

Samyang Green

This halal Korean instant noodle can be found literally everywhere. Hence, there is no reason not to try it!

The most famous flavor is the Samyang Hot Extremely Sicy Chicken Flavour Stir-Fried Noodles (black package).

However, there lots of other flavours that you can try, including the Cheese Hot Chicken Flavour (yellow package), Curry Hot Chicken Flavour (gold package), and our beloved Carbo Hot Chicken Flavour Ramen (pink package).


This particular instant noodle have different kinds of packages, so make sure that you are choosing the one with the halal logo on it.

Some of the flavour that worth trying are the Kimchi Ramyun, Neoguri, and the Soon Veggie Ramyoun Noodle Soup. Don't forget to add kimchi to make it even more authentic!

Japanese instant noodle


So far, Nissin is the only Japanese food company that sells halal Japanese instant noodles in Malaysia. Also, not all of Nissin's instant noodle is halal certified. So, you need to pay attention to the packaging while buying it.

The good news is, Nissin has more than 10 flavours you can try!

Start with the simple Japanese taste with Nissin Spicy Sesame Flavour or the Sesame Oil Flavour one. This instant noodle  soup also available in Tom Yam, Garlic Chicken, Tokyo shoyu, and Hokkaido Miso.

If you are in the mood for dry noodle, try out the Tppan Yakisoba Flavour.

Nissin also available in a cup noodle format under the U.F.O brand. Try out the unique U.F.O variants such as Osaka Takoyaki Flavour, Singapore Black Pepper Crab, and the Mala Flavour noodle soup!

Indonesian instant noodle


The halal instant noodle scene wouldn't be complete without Indomie. No one could ever resist a bowl of fragrant, warm Indomie Goreng.

Do you know that Indomie Goreng also available in several flavour such as Mi Goreng Aceh, Mi Goreng Original, and Mi Goreng Chicken BBQ?

If you are looking for something different, try out Indomie Soto and Kari Ayam!

Mie Sedaap

Head to head with Indomie, this Indonesian instant noodle is also worth to try. Available in both dry and noodle soup, Mie Sedaap known for their crunchy topping for Mie Goreng variant.

If you are in search for the best halal extreme hot noodle soup, you can try Mie Sedaap Korean Spicy Soup!

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