5 Insta-Worthy Spots In Bintan We Hope To Visit Someday


Ili •  Jul 16, 2021

Bintan has long been known as a popular beach getaway destination, especially for those living in Singapore or Johor. And in anticipation of its opening sometime this July according to New Straits Times, we've got a list of Insta-worthy spots in Bintan to visit for the next time you find yourself at this amazing Indonesian island.

1. Danau Biru, Busung

Bintan and the neighbouring Batam island are former mining sites.As a result, former mining basins have turned into blue lakes, like this one at Danau Biru Busung. Even though you can't swim there, the panorama of Danau Biru (or blue lake) never fails to amaze visitors. The area around Danau Biru is also an abandoned sand mine that'll remind you of the limestone formations in Turkey's Cappadocia.

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2. Gurun Pasir Busung

One of the places that’s become a must-visit for tourists these days is Gurun Pasir Busung (also knownas Gurun Pasir Bintan). This large open area was a sand mine that was abandoned after sand-exporting from Bintan was banned. In recent years, locals started flocking to the area due to its extraordinary landscape filled with sand dunes and bright blue pools of water.

3. Trikora Beach

Trikora Beach is a beautiful beach in Bintan with a panoramic view of stunning clear and shallow waters. Trikora Beach is actually made up of a number of separate beaches, each with its own charms. But what makes the area beautiful is its white sand and turquoise waters.  The areas around the beach are dotted with large granite boulders. There are water sports facilities around as well like kite-surfing and jetski as well as local food hawkers.

4. Mangrove Discovery Tour

Bintan’s beautiful natural scenery isn’t just limited to its beaches. Did you know that Bintan is home to mangrove forests that grow along the Sebung River? The best way to see it is to take a Mangrove Discovery Tour, where you’ll be able to go on a boat ride along the river and see the trees up-close.

5. Crystal Lagoon

Did you also know that Bintan Island has the largest swimming pool in Southeast Asia? Yes, we're talking about Crystal Lagoon, which is shaped like a huge water lagoon! You can do various water sports here - from swimming to freediving, kayaking in a transparent canoe and more.

6. Lagoi Bay

Like the popular Nusa Dua in Bali, Lagoi is a luxury resort area in Bintan. The panoramic view of the sea and refreshing air make Lagoi a perfect spot to relax with various activities that you can do. From water sports like snorkelling and diving to more family-friendly activities provided by your preferred resort, Lagoi is a great place for a relaxing holiday!

While we wait for the official announcement of Bintan's reopening, check out these other places that have already welcomed travelers: