Inspiring Jilbab & Niqab Wearer Becomes Fitness Influencer & Proves Nothing Is Impossible For Hijabers


Siti Aishah Ahmad •  Oct 12, 2021

These days, there are a lot of work out videos and we see a lot of fitness influencers that we admire for their determination to stay fit and healthy. There are also Muslim women who are fitness personalities and observe the hijab and undoubtedly, we highly applaud them for their modesty!

However, wearing a jilbab and niqab while doing vigorous workout routines is rare and it's easy to imagine how hard that'd be. Yet, that doesn't stop this rising fitness enthusiast from doing what she's passionate about and still practicing her faith ?

Modest Fitness Influencer Inspires Muslim Women That Nothing Is Impossible

Credit: @bint3rabia on Instagram 

Ahlam Mohammad, 24 is a fitness influencer that has over 200k followers and 1 million likes on TikTok. But, a special feature that distinguishes her from other popular fitness personalities is that she wears the niqab and jilbab - covering herself head to toe except for her eyes- during workouts!

Born in Jordan and raised in Texas, Mohammad said to The National that she's trying to represent a positive image for "youth and Muslim women out there who are really struggling to find their way or hold on to modesty" in this day and age where it is hard especially with the Western's standards for sports. As mentioned by her on her Instagram post, she loved sports growing up and did taekwondo, hapkido and played basketball. She saw her future as an athlete.

Credit: @bint3rabia on Instagram 

She described the story of her own struggle to reconnect with her faith and when she finally wore the hijab after high school, she stopped working out and sports completely. As years went by, she was unhappy at how her body was weaker and less active. That's when she realized she could do workouts for her body and still wear the niqab and jilbab.

Her Passion Leads To Her Own Sports Clothing Line & Workout App

Mohammad realized she wanted to continue pursuing what she's passionate about: fitness but in a way that doesn't hinder her from practicing her faith. It was this epiphany that inspired her to encourage other Muslim women to do the same. As reported by The National, Mohammad notices there's a gap in representation for athletic women who wear the niqab and jilbab and she's trying to close the gap. She wishes other Muslim women who are facing the predicaments as she did growing up to think if she could work out in a niqab and jilbab then so can they.

Credit: @bint3rabia on Instagram

As part of her journey to represent a positive, healthy image for Muslim women and to encourage fitness, Mohammad has created a sports clothing line, Purely Modest and a fitness app. Her new clothing line aims to provide modest yet breathable and light-weight sports clothing for both Muslim women and men. On the other hand, her new app is designed to motivate people to stay fit and healthy through workout routines, weight loss plans and more.

Her journey to balance her faith and passion is a moving one! For more inspiring stories experienced by Muslims all around the world, check these articles out: