Once A Mechanic, Now A YouTube Star, This Man Transformed His Poor Village Into A Youtuber Homebase


Tiara •  Sep 23, 2021

What Youtuber has the most subscribers?

While India's T Series and Cocomelon are on the top of the list with 193 million and 118 million subscribers, it's never too late to start your own Youtube channel.

You might not instantly get subscribers, but starting itself is an initial step towards your life-changing Youtube career, just like what happened to Siswanto, the man behind Siboen Chanel on Youtube that has over 1,2 million subscribers. Not only growing his channel, but Siswanto also trains his fellow residents in Kasegeran, Banyumas to start their channel and make money from Youtube. Hence, Kasegeran is also known as the Youtuber Village of Indonesia.

How it all started

Siswanto never dreamed about being a Youtube star, let alone inspiring a whole village to do so. He started to work as a mechanic in the early 2000s for a living while his YouTube career started in 2017 when he first uploaded a tutorial to fix a motorcycle on his channel.

Siswanto had gone through a lot in that 17 years. He dropped out of elementary school, took mechanical training, trying his luck as a comedian, until finally find his way to be a Youtube star with his mechanic videos.

When the first time he heard of making money from Youtube, he pawned his wife's jewelry to get some money to buy a smartphone. However, his first try to start a comedy channel on Youtube did not work and left him with nothing but debt.

Until one day, a customer from his workshop asked him to watch a tutorial video on how to fix a motorcycle. Siswanto watched it but however cannot seem to understand the instruction because it was too complicated. That was the moment of epiphany when he finally decided to start a tutorial where everyone can fix their motorcycle easily.

Long story short, the channel now has over 1,2 million subscribers and Siswanto is more popular than ever.

How much he made as a Youtuber

The first months of building his channel earned him nothing but views. Until six months after that, people starting to like the video and the AdSense was start running. Today, Siswanto earns between IDR 50-150 million a month from the 10 channels he is managing.

This sudden change was also followed by a negative response. Some of the village residents even thought that Siswanto was practicing black magic to get money. People were avoiding him and tell their children to stay away from Siswanto.

This misunderstanding then leads to achievement. His success inspires the village to start a Youtuber Village program where the residents can learn how to make videos, manage the channel, and earn money from Youtube, just like what Siswanto did.

Siswanto has the honor to train these Youtuber wannabes. So far, he has 15 students that currently earn IDR 5-15 million from Youtube, a decent number to make a living. His hometown, Kasegeran Village was the poorest village in the area but now the people of the village have a new start and a better future through making videos on Youtube.

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