This Halal Cafe Has Special Ramadan Popsicles & Gelatos Perfect For Your Post-Iftar Meal  ($10 and below!)


Siti Ayeeshah Zaki •  Apr 18, 2022

Any foodie would be familiar with Bugis’ Kampong Glam! ? A halal food paradise, the area boasts a myriad of trendy halal cafes and eateries. So it’s definitely one of the best spots for iftar this Ramadan 2022! Not to mention the heart of the area, Masjid Sultan, is just walking distance from any halal eatery in Bugis. Heading for terawih couldn’t be more convenient ? 

So this Ramadan, if you find yourself in one of the most happening Ramadan spots in Singapore (did we mention the Ramadan bazaars? ?), why not stop for dessert at the tropical-themed Momolato Cafe? With 18 different gelato flavours and a whole selection of waffles, popsicles and more, this post-iftar treat will leave you absolutely satisfied ?

P.S. Momolato has special Ramadan promos for you to enjoy, be sure to read on to catch the codes!

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Halal Ice Cream (Ramadan Edition!) with Momolato 

If you’re looking for a refreshing post-iftar treat, Momolato hits the spot. And this Ramadan, you have to check out Momolato’s special curated gelato flavours! 

Credit: Momolato

Fallen in love with coconut shakes and drinks? Then you might just appreciate Momolato’s Coconut Gula Melaka with Dates gelato! Have a spoonful and immerse yourself in the tropical, sweet flavours of the award-winning Coconut Gula Melaka gelato folded with dates. 

Alternatively, opt for the Ondeh Ondeh flavour. Created for the traditional Malay Kuih lover, the Ondeh Ondeh gelato is an infusion of fresh, natural pandan leaves with coconut milk folded in with gula-melaka soaked homemade chewy mochi. ? Honestly, who can resist Ondeh Ondeh!

Craving for chocolate? Momolato’s Triple Chocolate ice cream is an in-house blend of three single-origin chocolates. It’s incredibly rich, luscious and creamy that it’ll be hard not to finish the entire pint in one sitting. Plus, it’s plant-based and dairy-free - perfect if you’re vegan or lactose intolerant ?

Credit: Momolato

Doesn’t that sound enticing? ? And we haven’t even gotten to the best part! 

Momolato’s special Ramadan flavours will be going at only $10 for a three scoop bundle from now till 15 May. Serving up one flavour per cup (1 scoop per Ramadan flavour, not exchangeable for other flavours), head over to the cafe with your friends to delight in these gelatos!

Credit: Momolato

If you’re not planning to head to Bugis any time soon though, don’t worry. Momolato’s got your back! Head to their online shop for a curated Ramadan Deluxe Gift Set ($60) or Ramadan Signature Gift Set ($45) for the perfect gift for your loved ones (or you could indulge in it yourself ?). The Signature Gift Set consists of 3 gelato pints of the Ramadan flavours. But if you buy the Deluxe Set, you get the pints, as well as 6 fresh fruit popsicles which are absolutely refreshing!

Plus, if you use promo code HHWT2022 on Momolato’s online site, you’ll be getting a 10% discount for other gelato and popsicles ? Talk about Ramadan deals!

Nothing beats that post-iftar or post-terawih sweet treat, so be sure to share this with your loved ones! It’s time to plan your next dessert date ? 


Halal Status: Halal-Certified central kitchen. The cafe is undergoing the halal-certification process.

Address: 34 Haji Lane S189227

Opening Hours:

Monday to Thursday: 1pm to 11pm  

Friday to Saturday: 12pm to 2am

Sunday: 12pm to 11pm

Contact: 9679 7268

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