The Ultimate Guide To i Light Singapore 2022


Qistina Bumidin •  Jun 02, 2022

After two years of hiatus due to the pandemic, one of Singapore's major festivals has returned: i Light Singapore 2022, which will be held from 3rd June to 26th June 2022! ? Yesterday (1st June), and we were invited to check out the festival; here's what you should expect!

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1. What's the theme for this year's i Light Singapore 2022?

The theme for this year's edition is 'Spark of Light'. It will be anchored by the colour violet – that has the shortest wavelength with the most powerful electromagnetic energy in the visible light spectrum. The significance of the colour violet is that it signifies the awakening of the senses, akin to the spark of an idea in one’s mind, which we think it's simply an apt theme in relation to these post-pandemic times! Starting this year, each edition of the Festival will be anchored on a colour from the visible light spectrum, which comprises different wavelengths to symbolise various ways of seeing and understanding the world! So cool, right?!

Furthermore, sustainability is a large aspect of this year's i Light, where all of the artworks are made by repurposing everyday objects and waste into beautiful light installations. They are aimed to encourage conversations about our lifestyles and consumption behaviour to build a more sustainable future.

2. What installations should you check out?

There are 20 installations spreaded all over the Marina Bay area! You do need to prepare a little handy kit if you plan to check all of them out: a bottle of water, comfortable shoes and clothes, because you're going to be doing some walking! For your own information, this is the location map of all 20 installations. These location maps are also located along your journey, so you won't get lost!

Here's are some installations which we think YOU should check out!

a) Try to balance on a moving seesaw-like structure (Installation #3)

Credit: i Light Singapore

Mirroring the physics of a seesaw, 'Here and There' encourages you to shift around and work with others within a circle to activate lighting that changes according to the degree of tilt. This installation is designed to incite fun and laughter while encouraging social interactions among people! According to the artist, Eiji Sumi from Japan, the installation portrays this balancing act as a metaphor for the world’s societal and political issues. Gather your friends and have an enjoyable time altering the balance of the artwork to trigger various sensors and fun lighting effects! The installation is located outside of Gastrobeats Festival, so if you had some snacks beforehand, we wouldn't suggest you taking it ?

Location: Event Square

b) Get lost in a billow of 'clouds' made of recycled plastic (Installation #5)

It feels like you're high up in the sky as you enter the 'Ruffled Ice' installation. And you'll be surprised to know that these gorgeous clouds are actually made from plastic waste collected from several organisations, including a plastic recycling company. The local artists, DP Design, aimed to spread the message that the impact of discarded plastic inappropriately disposed of on the environment is huge! ?

Location: Mist Walk

c) Be your own artist by using your phone (Installation #6)

Credit: i Light Singapore

Personally, this was one of my favourite installations because I could actually be a part of it! At 'Light Canvas', you either can use the flashlight from your mobile phone and draw something personal to you, the LED lightsticks provided to you by the creators behind this installation, Trial & Error, or let the system come up with a drawing by interpreting your dance movements ?Don't worry, if you're not sure, the artists will guide you through! If you're using the LED lightsticks, all you have to do is choose an item provided, and 'scan' the item all over. And it's done! If you want to do it your own way, place your mobile phone with the flashlight turn on flat on the screen and trace out your drawings! Or if you think you've got the moves, bust them out and let the system interpret it! Don't be shy; the bigger the moves, the better!

You can also speak to the artists themselves! I was intrigued by an artist, who is a calligrapher, who kept drawing out the word 'Process', and he explained to me that it's his way of bridging the digital world of today and the past in the art medium!

Location: In front of Red Dot Design Museum

P.S. If you're lucky, you might be able to catch a light animation show and a dance performance related to this installation!

d) Snap pictures with larger-than-life food (Installation #20)

This installation by DBS might be targeted to promote the normalising of ugly food that are of irregular shapes, but they look beautiful irregardless! The larger-than-life installation, DBS Live More, Waste Less Installation: Waste Not, Want Not, comprises four stylised inflatable sculptures (banana, carrot, eggplant and tomato) in odd shapes. The installation is intended to change the perception that less visually appealing ingredients have fewer nutritional benefits and are destined as food waste. All food is pretty (and tasty) no matter what! ?

Location: Marina Bay Lower Boardwalk

e) Gawk at this multi-coloured installation

This is actually not a part of i Light Singapore 2022, but it's hard to miss this illuminating installation! At Lightwave: Isle of Light, empowered by OPPO, you can explore five unique zones with immersive features – from enchanting holographic projections, illuminated motion-capture graphics and shadows, to light beams that remind one of a mystical forest. You better get your cameras ready because there's simply so many IG-worthy opportunities! As you enter, you'll be heading 'Through the Unknown', where the glowing triangular bridge is simply stunning; it feels like you've entered a different world! ?

Once you've passed through the bridge, you'll be greeted with a 'Forest of Lights', where you can see colourful light tubes representing trees recreate the immersive experience of being in a forest! Afterwards, turn into 'The Seasons', a holographic mesh that displays an enchanting projection intended to depict different moments in our lives through the four seasons. There'll even be a smoke machine, which really adds on a mysterious effect for you IG pictures! ?

There's still more IG-worthy spots you must check out here: The Prism! It really feels like you're standing on a galactic set of one of Dua Lipa's music video sets ? Step into a prism with walls that reflect animation from a LED floor depicting the

galaxy! Be warned though, there's a queue for this so do expect to wait a while! We didn't have time to snap pictures with the prism, so this one will have to suffice. Lastly, walk ahead to the 'Reflections', an interactive installation with lights and shadows that reacts to any movement you make!

Unlike all the other installations, you do need to pay a small fee to enter. Firstly, you need to purchase your ticket on Klook, which you can check out via this link. Weekday tickets cost $8 per person, while weekend tickets cost $10 per person. Klook also offer tickets in bundles, so if you're going with your friends or family members, it's much cheaper to do so!

There are also two timings available:

● Weekdays: Sunday to Thursday - 7.30PM to 11.00PM (Last experience at 10.30PM)

● Weekends: Friday & Saturday - 7.30PM to 12.00AM (Last experience at 11.30PM)

Location: Marina Bay Lower Boardwalk (near Red Dot Design Museum)

f) See and touch the 'moon' up close (Installation #19)

There's something about the moon that just seems so breathtaking, and you get to bask in such grandeur at this installation, 'Meet Me Under the Moon'. Inspired by the Mid-Autumn Festival where loved ones gather to enjoy the moonlight together, the installation invites you to take a seat on the cloud benches to light up the full moon in a collective effort; the more people sitting on them, the brighter the sphere becomes! Especially after a long day at work, just sitting there watching the moon glow is relaxing enough for us ?

Location: Esplanade Park

g) Dance like no one's watching, or is there? (Installation #7)

Remember when we were living in lockdown? What did you do to get through those times? Blasted your favourite music and danced around? Or singed so loudly your neighbours had to shout and tell you to quiet down? ? Whatever it is, this installation will revoke those times in a heartwarming way! Alone Together documents the experience of living in isolation during the COVID-19 pandemic. Inspired by the scenes of housing estates in Singapore, it takes a peek through windows at people’s lives, and tells stories that can resonate with anyone who has been confined to their homes at some point!

Through real-time interaction, this projection invites you to come together and be part of this shared memory! Scan the QR code on the purple board located near to the installation, and choose which activity you did the most in lockdown! Watch the screen locate the colour as seen on your phone, and hear confetti pops as you watch your character act out your option! ? My colleague chosed 'dance' where we learned from the 'Light Canvas' that she clearly is a GREAT dancer ?

Location: Marina Bay Link Mall entrance

h) Be in awe over glowing fireflies (Installation #11)

You would believe your eyes at the sight of these amazing fireflies (which aren't real by the way ?). Be enchanted by Firefly Field as it simulates the ever-changing bioluminescence of fireflies when they take to the air at dusk. The cleverly designed rhythm of lights in this installation mimics the intermittent flashing pattern of fireflies, which make use of blinking displays to send optical signals and locate potential mates. Flying in an effortless electronic swarm, the alternating light points create a dynamic illuminated scene that triggers curiosity and awe of the natural world. Apart from snapping up photos, play a little quiz with your friends: Try to spot how many fireflies are there! (hint: it's not ten million fireflies, as Owl City once said ?)

Location: The Promontory at Marina Bay

i) Real or fake: these swans! (Installation #13)

Credit: i Light Singapore

This was another one of my favourites too! SWANS, despite its understated name, is a stark yet subtle installation made of upcycled and transformed satellite dishes. Speakers are also used to represent each swan’s head! This installation runs completely on WIND, and we're lucky enough that there was a cool breeze that night; strong enough to trigger sounds. It's so majestic, just like an actual swan which floats effortlessly on water! ?

Location: OUE Tower

j) Take a trip down memory lane with the classics (Installation #8)

In the age of streaming platforms, CDs have become increasingly obsolete, but this installation, the Collective Memory, is truly a nostalgic return to the past. 4 graduates from the Singapore University of Technology and Design, crafted upcycled compact discs (CDs) into a shimmering landscape of reflected light! According to our guide, if you stand in between the mesh (there's an open space), you'll get to have a wide shot of the Marina Bay Sands hotel as an amazing backdrop! ?

Location: Breeze Shelter

k) Enter an imaginary underworld with these giant lanterns (Installation #18)

Underworld is an enchanting scene of giant lanterns that takes you to an imaginary undersea settlement! ?The spatial installation was inspired by the marine conservation efforts by the local community in Smögen, a small Swedish fishing village by the Skagerak Sea, where they are strongly committed to preserving their marine environment. Made of discarded fishing nets collected at the Sotenäs Marine Recycling Center in Sweden, the installation aims to shine a light on the fragility of our marine ecosystem. To add on to this experience, you'll hear echoes of the sea and urban life, which is both haunting and breahtaking at the same time! ?

Location: Esplanade Park

3. Some tips on navigating i Light Singapore 2022

These are only a glimpse of what you should check out, and we bet that you might want to visit all 20! Some noteworthy ones you should check out include Shish-ka-buoy which are spherical structures made out of marine buoys,  Keep on Moving which features a frame-by-frame capture of a runner (a plastic mannequin) in motion, and more! However, since these installations are located quite far from each other, come up with a plan to maximise your time whilst getting all the pretty shots for your IG feed!

  • You don't have to go for all installations at the same night! It's running from 3rd June to 26th June, so space your visits out!
  • The installations will begin from 7.30pm to 11.00pm daily with extended hours to 12.00am on Fridays and Saturdays, so try to go for the popular installations first to avoid crowds!
  • Expect large crowds during the weekends, so head there during the weekdays. We do recommend wearing a mask since there will be a lot of people!
  • Bring comfortable shoes if you're planning to explore installations located near Esplanade.

4. Other programmes to check out on i Light Singapore 2022

Apart from art installations, there's other activities for you to check out as well! Some key programmes are guided tours on foot or by bicycles by Let’s Go Tours, where you'll experience the festival from different perspectives, and explore the artworks

as well as landmarks around Marina Bay through interesting trivia and stories!

Gastrobeats, of course, is another festival you'll want to check out! We're doing up a guide on how to explore Gastrobeats, which has fun bouncy castles, arcades, unique shops and 13 halal food stalls too! You can even check out Drone Nation @ The Lawn, and try your hand at operating luminous drones within a large drone cage, and also participate in a series of programmes that promote awareness on sustainability! For more information, check out i Light's website at this link!

We're so glad that i Light Singapore 2022 has returned, and it's definitely an activity you must add to your list this weekend! Have fun! ?

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