These Are The Items You Can Take From A Hotel Room Without Getting You In Trouble


Tiara •  Aug 19, 2021

What can you take from a hotel room?

Hotel amenities (especially luxury ones) are definitely one of a kind. This small gesture from the hotel will make your stay more comfortable. In fact, some of the guests would love to have these amenities at home.

The idea to bring home these items with you is quite tempting. But be careful, not all of this free stuff is eligible for you to pack home. Some complementary items are free to take, but some others belong to the hotel and you'll be fined if you take them.

Things you can take from the hotel room

Some personal hotel amenities are available to take home by the guest. To make it easier for you, remember that this free stuff starts with the letter S!

Soap, shampoo, shower cap, and shower gel

These hotel amenities are something that dedicated to each guest that is staying. Usually, there is more than one packet of these shower amenities, so you can bring home the one you did not use.

All of the shower amenities that you can bring home came in a tiny bottle, hence it's quite handy to take.


Pens, pencils, and loose notes are something you can take home after your stay in a hotel. These hotel amenities are provided in every room for the guest. You can use it during your stay and take it home afterward.

Sewing kits

Some hotels provided a mini sewing kit in every room for the guest. This way, you can easily fix your clothes if there is any accident or malfunction happens.

A sewing kit usually consists of a small spool of thread, some pins, a sewing needle, and a mini scissor.


This hotel amenity is probably the one that is most certainly taken from a hotel room. Don't worry, you are allowed to take the hotel's room slipper. Not only for similar comfort at home, these slippers also work as a souvenir.

Other hotel amenities that you can also take are shoe shine kits, a laundry bag, and small packets of instant coffee and tea.

Things you should not take from the hotel room

Since it's not allowed to take these hotel amenities, bringing home these items are practically stealing and you will get consequences from it.

Basically, hotel amenities that you cannot take are ones that are washable and reusable.

The first one is anything that is attached to your bed, such as pillows, blankets, bedsheets, and pillow sheets. You are also restricted from taking a bathrobe home, no matter how comfortable it is.

Another example is the dining ware, such as plates, bowls, cups, drinking glasses, and cutleries.

What about the food and beverage inside the minibar? This one you need to confirm first with the hotel. If the minibar items are free of charge, you can enjoy them or take them home.

Even if you are taking these hotel amenities by mistake, there will be consequences for it. So, make sure you have checked all the eligibility before taking any of this to the comfort of your home.

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