These 5 Monuments Are Commemorating The World's Biggest Tragedies And The Atmosphere Will Give You Chills


Tiara •  Sep 16, 2021

What's 911 history?

11 September 2001 was a dark day for the USA when four coordinated terror attacked the World Trade Center Complex in Lower Manhattan. Every year, the USA took a moment of silence to pay respect to those who lost their lives in the tragedy.

9/11 is not the only tragedy that is commemorated widely among the world. There were other heartbreaking events that shaped the world as we know it. If you are keen to know what's happening in the history of humanity, you can visit and feel the atmosphere of the historical events at these places.

9/11 Memorial & Museum

American flags are placed in the bronze parapets as One World Trade soars skyward amid white clouds and blue skies.

Credit: 911 Memorial

Located at the heart of the scene, the 9/11 Memorial Museum tells the story of the World Trade Center attack through media, narratives, and a collection of authentic artifacts. Here, you can find the personal stories of loss, grieve, recovery, and hope for the victims.

The Museum splits into several parts, including the Atrium, the Auditorium, Reflecting on 9/11, and the Rebirth at Ground Zero. Blending architecture, archaeology, and history, this museum tells the heartbreaking story that influenced the lives of millions of Americans.

Memorial Plaza is seen from above on a sunny day. Dozens of oak trees fill the Plaza with a vivid green. These trees surround the two reflecting pools where the North and South towers once stood. Between the large, square pools is the Museum’s glass and steel pavilion.

Credit: 9/11 Memorial & Museum

Meanwhile, the memorial was built as a tribute to honor the 2,977 people who were killed in the attack. The memorial pools houses waterfalls that drop into a void with the names of the victims written on the walls. The sound of the cascading water makes the pool such a tranquil place to remember those who lost their lives.

Aceh Tsunami Museum

Kredit: Museum Tsunami Aceh

This museum is a symbolic reminder of the 2004 tsunami disaster that took the life of 230.000 people in Aceh, Indonesia. Besides its role as a monument and education center, this museum is also designed as a shelter in case the area is hit by a tsunami again.

One of the most chilling rooms in this museum is the Sumur Doa (Well of Prayers) which has all the victims' names written on the wall with calligraphy of Allah at the top of the ceiling.

Another spot to look forward to is the Lorong Tsunami, a dark alley with water walls and the sound of roaring that resembles the tsunami wave at the time of the event.

Holocaust Memorial

Credit: Alexander Blum

Also known as The Memorial to The Murdered Jews of Europe, this memorial in Berlin is a tribute to the Jewish victims that died in the Holocaust tragedy. The 19.000 square meter land site held 2,711 concrete grids with the name of 3 million names.

This memorial was inaugurated sixty years after the end of World War II in Europe and attended by Germany's government as well as the Holocaust survivors.

Hiroshima Peace Memorial

This memorial is the only structure that was left standing after the first atomic bomb exploded on 6 August 1945. The site has been preserved in the same state as it is after the bombing. This memorial stays a powerful symbol of the most devastating event ever created by humankind as well as expressing the hope for peace in the world.

Futaba, Fukushima

Credit: Tomonari Takao/Mainichi

The Great East Japan Earthquake nine years ago had left Futaba, a town in Fukushima, to become a ghost city. People of Futaba no longer can live in their homes due to the meltdowns from the nuclear disaster.

Credit: Tomonari Takao/Mainichi

The houses are empty and vegetation started to crawl into the place where these people lived. A sight that no one ever imagine could happen to this small city.

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