HHWT Reviews: Here’s Why Hong Kong Tops Our List Of Travels In 2018


Fatehah •  Dec 28, 2018

As the year draws to a close, it’s time we look back at some of our most memorable moments in 2018 and our time in Hong Kong definitely tops the list!

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We embarked on exciting trips to this eclectic city this year, giving us the opportunity to explore all the diversity Hong Kong has to offer ?

Relying mostly on public transportation (yes, it’s super easy to get around with Hong Kong’s extensive public transportation system), we checked many of the city’s top spots off our bucket list. From looking at the entire city from The Peak to screaming our hearts out at Ocean Park to meeting our favourite Disney characters at Hong Kong Disneyland, there’s something for every traveller here!

Of course, we could not resist going on multiple shopping sprees ? With its mix of street markets, shopping streets and huge shopping malls, there is so much to buy here across all budgets that this city will convert you into a shopaholic if you’re not already one?

Main attractions and shopping spots are not Hong Kong’s only draw! We travelled off the beaten path to housing estates like Lok Wah South Estate for picture-perfect shots? Once you find the right angles and positions, you’d be amazed at how awesome your pictures will turn out.

Navigating our way around (especially off the beaten path!) was a challenge, but with our list of Cantonese phrases, we managed to find our way. Yes, the locals are always willing to help and they are so friendly that we felt right at home here ☺️

Going off the beaten path also allowed us to immerse in Hong Kong’s culture! One of our most intriguing experiences was watching the popular ‘petty person beating’ ritual as the locals believe beating the paper effigy with a shoe will ward away evil and bad luck. Check it out for yourself under Goose Neck Bridge!

Our time here would not be complete without halal food or prayer spaces. And the good news is there are many, especially near major attractions! We savoured some of the best local cuisine at Islamic Centre Canteen and Wai Kee. What surprised us most was that many non-Muslim locals also patronised these places, which attests to just how good (and authentic ?) the food is!

Prayer spaces can also be found in many of the major attractions such as Disneyland and Ocean Park, making it super convenient to perform our prayers while exploring these places.

But if we had to pick one place which has everything - Instagrammable spots, shopping, culture and food, Sham Shui Po is our answer! This quaint neighbourhood offers a glimpse of old Hong Kong, as it still follows the city’s traditional way of life. We even had an early start to making our Hari Raya costumes at Ki Lung Street ?

Above all, it is the blend of nature and city life which truly charmed us. We loved how nature spots are tucked within the city and easily accessible. We even managed to conquer one of the easier hiking spots – Dragon’s Back! There are many scenic spaces around the city too, such as Ocean Terminal Deck at Hong Kong’s largest shopping mall, Harbour City – perfect for when we needed a breather from all the shopping ?

From exciting attractions to yummy halal food and nature spots, there’s no doubt that Hong Kong is the highlight of our year! And what heartened us most was knowing that you concurred with us! The messages you have sent us truly went a long way in supporting us ?

We hope that more of you will experience the beauty of Hong Kong as the city ramps up efforts to become more Muslim-friendly ? Time to kickstart your Hong Kong adventure with our travel guides!

This article is brought to you by Hong Kong Tourism Board.