This Halal Vietnamese Hawker Stall In Singapore Is Run By A Couple Who Met In Vietnam


Syahirah •  Sep 06, 2022

Singapore’s food culture is effortlessly rich in variety. You’ll find all types of cuisine simply by exploring malls and coffee shops! ? But coming across a hawker stall that sells halal Vietnamese food is definitely not an everyday occurrence. On top of their delicious Vietnamese dishes, the story behind how the owners came to meet is a very sweet one! Here’s what you have to know!

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Credit: Hawkerpedia

Lily Norhana Muslim Vietnamese Cuisine is located at Orang Orang Coffee Shop in Bukit Batok and run by a husband and wife duo. ? The two met by coincidence while the husband was on a work trip in Vietnam for an oil & gas company he worked for! The two fell in love and moved back to Singapore, where they started a halal eatery with the wife’s original and authentic Vietnamese recipes. 

Credit: Screenshot from Firdaus Bunny on TikTok

Even though the menu is quite extensive, the store is very humble. It serves authentic Vietnamese dishes like the classic Pho (beef noodle soup), Bun Bo Hue (beef vermicelli noodles), Com Ga (Vietnamese rice with roasted chicken and much more! ?The noodle dishes are priced from $5 and are perfect for a refreshing lunch. You must try the Pho for its clear broth and clean aftertaste! 

P.S. Did you know that Ga translates to ‘Chicken’ and Bo translates to ‘Beef’? Say Pho Ga to get chicken in your noodles instead of beef! 

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You can also look forward to iconic Vietnamese side dishes like freshly made Spring Rolls, crispy Banh Mi (Vietnamese baguette sandwich), Ga Boc Sa (lemongrass chicken with shrimp), and much more! ?The portions are big and satisfying too, so your visit to their store is totally worth it. 

Credit: Screenshot from hakimisman_ on TikTok

This humble establishment serves delicious authentic Vietnamese dishes at affordable prices.

 So, if you’re in the Bukit Batok area, why not head over to Lily Norhana Muslim Vietnamese Cuisine to show your support? ? SHARE this article with your lunchmates to get them to go with you!

Lily Norhana Muslim Vietnamese Cuisine

Halal status: Halal-certified

Address: Blk 134 Bukit Batok West Ave 6, #01-463, Singapore 650134

*There is no website or social media