5 Halal Supermarket Snacks In Malaysia That Make Us Miss Thailand


Ili •  Aug 06, 2021

When you think of Thailand, its sandy beaches and beautiful islands often come to mind. But if you're a huge foodie like us, then it's quite likely that their delicious snacks are probably what you miss the most! Luckily for Malaysians, you can find plenty of halal Thai snacks in nearby supermarkets to keep your taste buds properly satisfied. Check them out below ?

Best Halal Thai Snacks In Malaysia

1. Taokaenoi seaweed

Credit: @taokeinoiclubmy on Instagram

Giving a perfectly satisfying crunch with every bite, these healthy snacks can be eaten plain on its own or added to rice if you’re craving for something a bit more filling. Whichever you choose, you can be guaranteed that this is one delicious snack you can never get enough of.

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2. MAMA instant noodles

Credit: @candie_angie on Instagram

This one's for all our fellow instant noodle lovers! Slurp on some yummy MAMA instant noodles whenever your midnight cravings kick in and upgrade it with additional ingredients like sausages, steaks, vegetables and eggs.

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3. Koh Kae peanuts

Credits: @biskuttinborongdanruncit on Instagram

If you’ve visited Thailand before, then you’ve definitely come across Koh Kae peanuts. These hassle-free (no peanut shells, so you can just eat them at your leisure) peanuts are amazingly addictive and super tasty to boot.

4. Thai milk tea sachets

Credit: @yummyyysnack on Instagram

Need something to wash down your halal Thai snacks with? Look no further than Nestea Thai Milk Tea to do the trick. Often served on the streets and markets in Thailand, this deliciously sweet and creamy beverage is the perfect choice to quench your thirst on a hot day.

5. Lay's potato chips

Credit: @aenakhoun on Instagram

Anyone who's a fan of potato chips should stock up their pantry with Lay's potato chips, especially the Thai-flavoured ones. Keep your taste buds happy by snacking on flavours like Salted Egg, Hot Chili Squid and more while you binge-watch your favourite shows at home.

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