7 Halal Mooncakes In KL For Your Sweet Treat This Mid-Autumn Festival 2022


Ili •  Jul 20, 2022

The best thing about living in Malaysia is the variety of festivals we can celebrate and the traditional cuisine we get to try. Since the Mid-Autumn Festival is here, that means the season of mooncakes is upon us! Whether you're craving for a traditional pure lotus or a premium Musang King mooncake, we show you where to find the best halal mooncakes in Malaysia!

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Best halal mooncakes in Malaysia 2022

1. Baker's Cottage

While Baker's Cottage may be known for their pastry and cakes, did you know that they offer yummy mooncakes too? That's right! Pick up one of their pure lotus mooncakes (with or without yolk) or give their new mooncake flavour a try — Chocolate Cookies & Creme! There's also the Snow Skin series featuring peachy mango, dark chocolate truffle and signature yam as their must-try flavours.

Halal status: Halal-certified

Price: From RM14.80 per mooncake

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2. The Westin Kuala Lumpur

Inspired by the concept of the moon rabbit, The Westin Kuala Lumpur has launched a Celestial Moon mooncake box that is nothing short beautiful and elegant.  Simple yet elegant with a whimsical note, the gift boxes are designed with the concept of transporting individuals back to the old-world charm of lunar worship and are inspired by the tale of the mystical and enchanting Jade Rabbit who calls the moon its home.

Moon Rabbit Treasure Chest comes in 2 colours; Teal and Blue. What's interesting about this premium box is that it doubles as a vanity box to store your keepsakes or light travel case to carry around after the mooncake season is over!

Halal status: Halal-certified

Price: RM238 (per box of four mooncakes)

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3. Tai Thong Mooncake

mooncake malaysia

Credit: Tai Thong Mooncake on Facebook

Baked and snow skin mooncakes are two things that Tai Thong Mooncake knows best. Over the years, they've evolved their baked skin mooncakes from the well-loved pure lotus to the elevated Shanghai yam single yolk. If you fancy snow skin mooncakes, you might enjoy the snow skin red bean, musang king or lychee mint.

Halal status: Do note that only food products under Tai Thong Mooncakes are halal-certified by Jakim. Tai Thong Restaurant is not halal-certified.

Price: Starting from RM15.30 per piece

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4. Purple Cane

mooncake malaysia

Credit: @purplecane_tea on Instagram

Putting a special spin on mooncakes, Purple Cane is back with another range of tea mooncakes this Mid-Autumn festival. Their mooncakes are made with Cantonese-style pastry crust and are infused with many tea variants such as green tea, black tea, oolong tea and Pu'er tea. This year, they're offering a Red Bean Pasta series and Lotus Pasta series, plus other yummy flavours you can find on their site.

Halal status: Halal-certified

Price: Starting from RM10.00 per piece

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5. JMM Cookies

mooncake malaysia

Credit: @miharuse7en on Instagram

Chinese New Year cookies aren't the only thing that JMM Cookies are known for. Give their mooncake series a chance, and be delighted by the flavours of matcha red bean, black sesame and dragon fruit with cranberry. If you love our King of Fruits, unwrapping the Imperial Durian mooncake will be your favourite thing of the day.

Halal status: Halal-certified

Price: Starting from RM16.35 per piece

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6. Mooncake Halal Sqiyin

Malaysians, let's support locals this Mid-Autumn Festival by getting your mooncakes from none other than Mooncake Halal Syiqin. This homegrown business made its debut in 2019 and has been growing strong with its year-round mooncakes, which means you can enjoy these sweet treats no matter the time of the year! From chocolate to red bean, now you know where to get your fix of yummy halal mooncakes.

Halal status: Muslim-owned

Price: Starting from RM28 per jar


7. Mimi Lala

Another home-based business you can support is Mimi Lala. Also Muslim-owned, you'll have no problem finding a range of flavours from them as they have 18 for you to choose from! Whether you get a curated set of 6 mooncakes or place an a la carte order, each mooncake will guarantee satisfaction. So feel free to fill your dining table with mooncakes filled with red beans, chocolate, pandan, dauyong (mung bean) and more.

Halal status: Muslim-owned

Price: Starting from RM11 per piece/set


When it comes to mooncakes, you know the Mid-Autumn season is the best time to try them! Made with a traditional pastry crust and sweet lotus filling, it's no surprise why many enjoy this sweet delight. The next time you're looking for halal mooncakes in Malaysia, you know where to find them!

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