6 Halal Supermarket Snacks In Malaysia That Make Us Miss South Korea


Ili •  Aug 06, 2021

It's been a while since we last travelled to South Korea and we can't help but miss all the wonderful things about it. Halal Korean food, its bustling shopping scene, exciting theme parks - the list goes on! Of course, there's no forgetting the various Korean snacks you can enjoy and bring home as souvenirs. Although it'll take a while until we get to travel to Korea again, we won't have to endure endless waiting to snack on delicious Korean treats. We've got a list right here on all the halal Korean snacks you can easily get from supermarkets in Malaysia ?

Halal Korean snacks in Malaysia

1. Nuts Holic almond snacks

Korean flavoured almond snacks are one of the most iconic souvenirs you can get in Korea and for those who have been craving these addictive almonds, we’re happy to say that you can actually find them here in Malaysian supermarkets! While the popular honey butter chips and almond snacks by Tom’s Farm are not halal-certified (check out our article on this!), Nuts Holic has rolled out several products which are halal-certified by the Korea Muslim Federation (KMF).

2. Pepero

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When it comes to popular South Korean snacks, you can't miss out on Pepero. This biscuit stick covered in chocolate and other things such as nuts, cheese and almonds are really popular but not all of them that are sold in markets are halal-certified. So, make sure to get ones that have been certified by the Islamic Food and Nutrition Council of America (IFANCA) and Korea Muslim Federation (KMF).

3. Binggrae Banana Milk

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South Korea has many popular drinks but if we had to give the spotlight to one, it'd be Binggrae Banana Milk. Perfect for both quenching your thirst on a hot day and giving yourself a yummy treat, this drink offers a wonderful blend of sweet, ripe banana and milk that’s nothing short of amazing. And with other flavours available such as Strawberry and Melon, you’ll be coming back for more of this yummy drink after that first sip!

4. Samyang Noodles

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We can't call this a list of Korean treats without including Samyang noodles. Samyang's instant noodles have taken over Asia by storm with its super spicy flavours and isn't that something we all love. With over nine tasty flavours available such as hot chicken spicyhot chicken ramen cheese, and carbo hot chicken spicy ramen, it really isn't such a surprise to know why the noodles are a hit!

5. Shin Ramyun

Still looking for more Korean instant noodles to stock your pantry with? Then go ahead and add Shin Ramyun to your shopping list. Shin Ramyun's delicious flavour of beef broth and chilli has been around since 1986 and is easily available all over Malaysia. You can even get them in cup noodle form, making it super convenient as quick meals when you're strapped for time.

6. Seaweed laver snacks

If you prefer something that's on the lighter side, seaweed laver snacks could not be more perfect. Not only are they just low in calories but they also said to be high in fibre and great for our metabolism as well. Seaweed snacks used to be only consumed in Korea and Japan, but nowadays you can find them almost anywhere, in a variety of flavours.

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