Indulge In Fresh Oysters, Sashimis And More At SG’s First Halal Izakaya


Qistina Bumidin •  May 17, 2022

If you’ve been to Japan, you would definitely know about their high-quality and fresh seafood! They also have izakayas, or known as kaisen izakayas, which are Japanese-style seafood bars which are simply delicious! And if waiting for the borders to reopen in Japan seems to be taking too long, Singapore’s 1st halal izakaya, Daya Izakaya’s range of fresh signature seafood dishes will be bound to soothe fans of all things seafood! ?

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Halal Japanese Restaurant In Singapore, Daya Izakaya, Serves Fresh Oysters, Sashimis, Scallops, Salmon Rolls And More Seafood Options 

Credit: Daya Izakaya

If you’ve been to Daya Izakaya before and ordered their Beef or Chicken Nabe, you’ll definitely see their seafood offering. Their Oyster Nabe differs from the other two though. For starters, it comes with its own miso garlic chilli broth that serves just the right amount of spiciness while retaining the traditional Japanese broth (a choice of clear or spicy soup) flavours. The entire dish is plated on a washi - a type of Japanese waterproof and burnproof paper designed to keep the oysters and broth warm till the last drop, and it’s placed nicely on top of a liquid fuel base! You’ll be slurping up these plump, juicy goodness in no time! ?

The Japanese love their scallops pan-fried and buttery, and you can indulge in this delicacy right here at home with their Hotate Kinoko Butter. The scallops are seared to golden perfection and served on a hotplate. Pierce through each one of them (which will break apart easily ?) and you will be delighted at how creamy and fresh it looks on the inside! ? It used to be a seasonal creation, but regulars have loved this dish so much that it has become a permanent feature on their menu, so you definitely have to order this!

Credit: Akmal Nazam (Google reviewer)

True sashimi lovers absolutely obsess over the freshness of ingredients, so eating them immediately once it’s served is an absolute must. This is why their Sashimi Moriawase is only available for dine-in customers. Thinly-sliced, and carefully plated, the Moriawase packs a punch when dipped in soy sauce and a pinch of wasabi ? Here’s a tip from the staff themselves: it pairs amazingly with a glass of their popular sparkling Ume Soda, a subtly sour and sweet soda drink which brings out a burst of umami flavours in your Moriawase ?

Credit: Daya Izakaya

And finally, we can’t miss out on their bestseller: the Spicy Salmon Roll. Made using the freshest salmon sliced thinly and then rolled with a layer of sticky Japanese rice before being held together by a sheet of traditional Japanese seaweed, it's truly made for both sushi and spicy food lovers! ? Not sure how good it tastes? It had a special feature on national television too! ?

If you think izakayas are all about grilled meat skewers, Daya Izakaya’s fresh seafood dishes will prove that there’s more than meets the eye to this unique Japanese experience! ?

Halal status: Muslim-owned

Opening hours: 11.30AM-10.30PM (last order 10PM) daily

Address: 254, Jalan Kayu, Singapore 799481

Contact number: +6583215242

Email: admin@dayaizakaya.com

Delivery: foodpanda, GrabFood, Hungryy (Islandwide), Deliver.SG (Islandwide)

Take-away: Take-away options are available, Call +6583215242

Pick-up: Customers can pre-order by Whatsapp before heading down to pick up at the allocated time

Dine-in: Reservations to be made by phone at +6583215242 OR Website, Inline and Quandoo on a first come first serve basis

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