Reimagine: Halal In Asia 2021 Is On The Horizon And We Have FREE Tickets For You!


Siti Ayeeshah Zaki •  Oct 12, 2021

Despite the pandemic, 2021 has been a pretty exciting year. Countries are opening up for Travel bubblesand Sandboxes, billionaires have left the Earth and returned, and Muslims, against all odds, have played and are playing a huge part in changing the world. 

Every year, HHWT celebrates the Islamic Economy by holding our annual event, Reimagine: Halal In Asia and we’d love for you to celebrate Islam and the world with us. This time, we’ll be focused on the post-pandemic world and how we can bring more opportunities and experiences to you!

We're here for brands to engage with Muslim markets, regardless of religion. The thing is, anybody can tap into halal sector. We welcome everyone to join Reimagine: Halal In Asia 2021 as we bring more products and travel experiences to you, our readers, HHWT has organised a platform for brands regardless of religion or halal status to come together and discover the world of all things halal.

To thank you, our beloved reader, for supporting us for the past six years, we're providing you with complimentary tickets to join Reimagine: Halal In Asia 2021! Explore Travel, Islamic Finance, Sustainability and more from 30 Nov to 2 Dec with HHWT at Reimagine: Halal In Asia 2021.

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We’ve got a whole lot more for you for Reimagine: Halal In Asia 2021’s show. Here are three amazing things you can look forward to by joining us!

3 Things You Can Look Forward To At Reimagine: Halal In Asia 2021

1. A whole line up of amazing topics

Join us as we consider whether Muslims can ever leave Earth in or how countries could stay top of mind among Muslim travelers during the pandemic in our Travel Track. Discover the link between refugees and their environment with our Sustainability Track or dive deep into the History and Significance of Islamic Finance in our Islamic Finance Track!

We've got five different topics for you to enjoy and learn from. Our speakers will explore various sectors such as Islamic Finance, Food, Sustainability, Travel and Media & Technology. Reimagine: Halal In Asia 2021 has varied content to explore the entirety of the halal industry.

2. Impressive speakers

Look forward to hearing from some of our renowned speakers from each of our five tracks!


Join speakers Thomas Djamaluddin, the Head of LAPAN and Marufin Sudibyo, and Astronomer & Active member in Jogja Astro Club and International Crescent Observations Project (ICOP) as they discuss topics like, ''Space odyssey: Will Muslims ever leave earth?''

Islamic Finance

Find out more about the growing global appeal of Islamic finance Dr. Sutan Emir - Director of KNEKS Indonesia and Dr Alaa - Managing Director of Wethaq Capital Market, or learn about The Digital Dinar - Currency for the Islamic Economy with Dr Hazik Mohamed, Managin Director of Stellar Consulting.


Join Ann Moey, the Private sector partnerships  manager of Singapore's UNHCR and Houssam Chahin, the Chief of partnerships Middle East and North Africa UNHCR, in Reimagine: Halal In Asia's 2021 Sustainability Track.

They'll explore the link between refugees and their environment or the role of Islamic Philanthrophy on Sustainable Development Goals and how you can play a part in that.

Media & Tech

Shahzad Younas, Founder & CEO of Muzmatch, will be delving into Halal dating and how Muslims are now finding love in a digital space.

That's just the tip of the iceberg - claim your complimentary tickets to find out what else Reimagine: Halal In Asia 2021 will be covering this November!

3. For you and about you

As a HHWT reader and traveler, you've explored and enjoyed the world and had immersive experiences without transgressing as a Muslim. As a working professional, you've landscaped your surroundings as a Muslim and lived your beliefs proudly.

Reimagine: Halal In Asia 2021 is a platform for you and about you. Be a part of bringing more opportunities and experiences to the table for both HHWT's readers and all Muslims. 

Sign up with us and get complimentary tickets to the show! Remember to redeem it ASAP because we've got limited numbers of tickets left!