Here Are 4 Must-Try Halal Food Spots In North Point City!


Farhana Husin •  Jul 30, 2021

Singapore's Phase 2 might prevent us from eating out but you can always do food takeaways and food deliveries! So if you're looking for somewhere to eat, check out North Point City. It has an amazing amount of halal food. Our writer, Farhana Ayu, shares with us her experiences with the halal food at North Point City!

Northpoint City, Your One-Stop Shopping Mall For Your Halal Food Cravings!

1. Teppan-Yaki

I thought hard the night before about where to go for my next Makan Trip to get all my cravings fixed at just one place and also be the most accessible place be it rain or shine!! Thanks to my die-hard cravings for Teppan-Yaki at North Point City, all the other cravings fell smoothly in place into my tummy! ??

This was our 3rd time dining at Teppan-Yaki North Point City and this time round, we brought our boys to experience Teppan-Yaki which they really enjoyed! Especially the experience of seeing the Chefs cooked the fresh meat of mutton, beef & seafood in front of them, being intrigued by the condiments used and serving the food hot & directly to them. But what was the most amazing experience is that from being anti-Taugeh eaters, both of them got hooked into eating the well-seasoned Taugeh and snatched Taugehs from our plates!!

P.S. If you're looking for halal food deliveries, check this out!

2. Tokyo Shokudo

Tokyo Shokudo has got to be my most favourite place to get Japanese Ramen!! I would usually go to their Tampines Mall outlet and was pleasantly surprised to see they have an outlet too at North Point City. My favourites are their Spicy Chicken Ramen & Signature Tendon. And I usually order Banana Split for dessert.

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3. Crolo by Swee Heng

I was ecstatic when I found out about Crolo by Swee Heng. Who d0esn't love Croissants & Croffles right?? And they have in so many different toppings! I had to calm myself down, so as not to get crazily excited choosing them. It was the hardest one minute of my life, having to choose which ones to get for the Beach Picnic. They are the just perfect for picnics!!

P.S. Looking for good and cheap food? Click here!

4. Ovenly J Cafe

Stumbled pass this signage from Ovenly by J Cafe. It was a complete surprise that there are Baklava & Turkish Delights sold at Kopitiam. They've opened a few pop-up stalls at different locations in Singapore and the one at North Point City will be there till 31st July. You don't need to go to Arab Street to get your Baklava cravings fixed!!

Always make room for desserts! North Point City has no shortage at all who have a sweet tooth. Our family's favourite go-to waffle place is Gelare and MUDDY BUDDY. They always have us all in silence, letting the warm, toasty waffle and ice cream melt in our mouths.

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