This SG Burger Joint Sells All Things Duck, Including The Unique Duck Fat Cheese Fries!


Siti Ayeeshah Zaki •  Dec 09, 2021

There aren't many places to find halal duck in Singapore, so it might be a little tough for you to satiate any halal duck cravings you might have! Luckily, HHWT has found just the place. For those of you craving halal roasted duck and wondering where to buy halal duck in Singapore, try out The Ugly Duckling. Home to all things duck, this halal eatery will definitely you wanting more.

Halal Duck With The Ugly Duckling

You've heard of Ayam Penyet (smashed chicken) but have you heard of smashed duck?

The Ugly Duckling has taken the Indonesian delight and made it their own with the Smashed Duck Burger! Made up of smashed/shredded duck, melted cheese, caramelised pineapples, lettuce and a deliciously buttered brioche bun, this wholesome burger will have you in duck haven. Take a bite and feel the sweetness of pineapples burst in your mouth, balancing out the tenderness of the duck patty with its own fruity juices. And to add to that, the coating of melted cheese around your tongue - you'll be absolutely in love!

Credit: The Ugly Duckling on Instagram 

What makes this dish all the more exciting is that it comes with unique Duck Fat Fries!

At just $8, this burger is affordable AND all types of savoury. For the hungry foodie, you could also opt for a double patty at a total of $11.

P.S. Looking for halal duck with a local twist? This is where you can get Smoked Duck Lemak Chilli Padi

Credit: The Ugly Duckling on Instagram 

Did the Duck Fat Fries pique your interest? Because it certainly did mine! If you're interested in trying this unique dish on its own, try this on for size. The Ugly Duckling sells Loaded Duck Fat Cheese Fries ($6) ??

Shoestring fries coated with hot, melted cheese then topped off with sweet and savoury tomato salsa and mayonnaise, this is a dish unlike any other. The secret ingredient? Crispy duck fats! The Loaded Duck Fat Cheese Fries also comes with shredded duck, crispy duck fats and a sprinkle of spring onion. ?

P.S. This is where you can get a whole halal Irish Duck!

Credit: The Ugly Duckling on Instagram 

Now here's the real kicker - Roasted Duck Pizza! At just $12.50, the third installation of The Ugly Duckling's special duck menu uses a secret homemade sauce. The ingredients are unknown, but accompanied by shredded duck? We assure you your palate is going to be filled with savoury goodness. What's more, this mouth-watering pizza is topped off with cheesy mozzarella, bonito flakes and mayonnaise ? What a dish!

The Ugly Duckling is also home to non-duck yet equally as unique and tantalising dishes like the Pulled Beef Brisket Rendang Burger, Creamy Prawn Tomato Fussili and Nacho Fish N Chips! So if you're a beginner to food adventures, The Ugly Duckling is definitely your safe bet.

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The Ugly Duckling 

Halal Status: Muslim-Owned