This SG Muslim Influencer Runs A Humble Cafe At Turf City


Qistina Bumidin •  Mar 20, 2022

There's something peaceful about cafes that makes us can't get enough of it. From its relaxing, comforting vibes to its delicious, gorgeous and often unique meals, it's no wonder that we love spending our time in cafes for hours just to temporarily escape the hustle and bustle of life ? We've got another place for you to just chill out and indulge in delicious meals and coffees: a new halal cafe, Ground Rules, run by local influencer/content creator Hannah Alkaff and two other co-owners, her cousins, Iman Reda and Salman Aljunied.

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Hannah Alkaff Opens Ground Rules Selling Halal Cakes, Breakfast And More

Credit: @groundrulessg for Instagram

Ground Rules was born in the pandemic, and they've gained a steady following of more than 1000 followers on Instagram! ? This Aussie-style cafe serves high quality coffee and other beverages, delectable range of pastries and cakes, and hearty meals perfect for any time of the day. Hannah herself is passionate about baking and is an avid foodie, as one could see through a quick scroll on her social media!

Credit: @doggaebi for Instagram

Located in Premier Pitch Indoor, its hidden location makes it perfect for a chill session after playing futsal nearby or simply when you need complete concentration to finish up those leftover work ?

Credit: @doggaebi for Instagram

Their menu, though? Simply put, it's drool-worthy ?Let's check out what they have to offer!

Credit: @dine.with.dino for Instagram

What's a cafe is there isn't coffee? ? They have an unpretentious variety of coffee drinks to choose from, which such as Espresso, Americano and more. But you definitely have to try one of their best sellers: Latte. It marks off the checklist of a good cup of latte: rich, creamy milk, mildly sweet, silky foam at the top with minimalist latte art designs ? One shot of caffeine in your system and you'll feel as if you're ready to conquer your day! Whether you like it iced or hot, we know that you'll finish your drink till the last drop regardless ? They also have other combinations of latte, such as matcha latte, so do check out their menu at the counter!

Credit: @groundrulessg for Instagram

Another coffee shop staple is definitely their cakes and pastries, and boy, do Ground Rules have an endless list we can't choose from! ? You can't leave Ground Rules without trying their Brown Butter White Chocolate Blondies. Blondies are popular in Australian cafes, which completely fits the theme of this quaint cafe. Soft and chewy, with an irresistible caramel, nutty undertone and loaded with bits of white chocolate, it's simply divine! We're not going to say much for now; the gorgeous pictures should do the talking (and convincing) for you to indulge in ?

Credit: @groundrulessg for Instagram

If you prefer something heartier after your futsal games, or you're headed here for a lazy Sunday breakfast, their Big Breakfast will do the trick. Creamy scrambled eggs spread evenly over a slab of sourdough, with tantalising side dishes of chipotle chicken sausages, breakfast potatoes and roasted tomatoes to complete the meal. Sure, you might full at the end, but you'll be wishing there's some leftover space in your tummy, because Round 1 of the Big Breakfast just doesn't cut it ? Some of you might even be wanting to make the trip to the West side for this appetizing, scrumptious brekkie ?

Credit: @groundrulessg for Instagram

They have so much more on their menu and we wished we could show off everything, but these pictures are already making us drool WAY too much ?. You can expect other favourites on the menu such as cinnamon rolls, chocolate chip cookies (uber large by the way ?), croissants, yoghurt loaves, breakfast sandwiches, popsicles, acai bowls, see we told you! ? They also do change up their menu from time to time, so check out their social media page regularly for updates!

Whenever there's a new cafe, we're more than happy to add it on our halal cafe hopping trip around Singapore! Make Ground Rules your next cafe spot! Who knows, it might just be your favourite? ?

Halal status: Muslim-owned