Broti And Nasty Cookie Offer New Earl Grey Cookie And Soft Serve


Qistina Bumidin •  Sep 07, 2022

One of our favourite halal milk tea brands in Singapore is definitely Broti! Now imagine having their speciality tea mixed with gooey, warm cookies - sounds like a delicious sweet treat, doesn't it? ? Broti and Nasty Cookie have collaborated together to bring you the best of their worlds in not one, but TWO dessert offerings for a limited time only! ?

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According to their press release, the idea of their collaboration came from the idea of an "innocent Whatsapp text", and a couple of "hands-on action" later, they have come up with "the coolest Earl Grey Singaporean babies you've ever seen" ? Don't worry, we're keeping it PG here, but all we can say is, judging from the pictures below, it's safe to say the resulting offerings are definitely wicked good! ?

There's two Earl Grey-based desserts you must try: the Earl Grey Cookie and Earl Grey soft serve. Broti knows that their Earl Grey drinks have a cult following, so be prepared to drool over this! The Earl Grey Cookie is filled with Earl Grey white chocolate ganache made from Broti’s Earl Grey tea leaves ?

Credit: Broti

As for their Earl Grey Soft Serve, it's a creamy and smooth ice cream infused with, well you guessed it, Broti's Earl Grey tea leaves. Add a dollop of it on your cookie - it's going to get a little messy, but it's going to be worth it as you take a bite into the entire chunky delight ?

Credit: Nasty Cookie

It will be available for a limited time only in all Nasty Cookie retail outlets and Broti’s main outlet, 21 Baghdad Street. However, Broti's 21 Baghdad Street outlet does not serve Earl Grey Soft Serve.

Credit: Broti

Plus even more great news: Nasty Cookie are in the midst of applying halal certification this year! You can still enjoy their NY-style cookies as they only use ingredients sourced from halal suppliers, as always ?

There's also a variety of promotions and giveaways by both Nasty Cookie and Broti, such as vouchers from Broti, cookie bundles, limited printed T-shirts, so check out their social media pages for updates!

We're really glad to see two successful local start-ups working together to come up with such a product that all Singaporeans can enjoy together! Don't wait too long - time to give yourself a sugary treat! ?


Halal status: Muslim-owned

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Nasty Cookie

Halal status: Cookies are made with ingredients sourced from halal-certified suppliers. They are currently in the midst of applying for halal certification this year.


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