[NEW] This Newly Halal-Certified Hidden Gem Serves Hakka Rice Bowls & Min Jiang Kueh


Siti Ayeeshah Zaki •  Mar 11, 2022

Good news! Ah Lock & Co., an eatery specialising in Hakka Rice Bowls and Min Jiang Kueh, is finally halal-certified ? Now we've got more halal eatery options for our weekend brunches and gatherings?

Halal Hakka Thunder Tea Rice In SG

For those unfamiliar with the dish, Hakka Rice (also known a Lei Cha Rice or Thunder Tea Rice), is a traditional dish made up of rice, vegetables and other toppings served with tea soup made from tea leaves, nuts, seeds and herbs! This delicious and unique concoction is known to be refreshing, healthy, and of course, tasty ?

And with Ah Lock & Co. recently getting it MUIS halal certification, we can now enjoy this special meal! Ah Lock & Co.'s special Hakka Rice Bowls average only $10 a bowl, and make for nutritious and filling meals. With outlets near Tanjong Pagar and Tampines MRTs, the eatery is accessible too!

Credit: Ah Lock & Co. on Facebook

Ah Lock & Co's menu has 9 different types of Hakka Thunder Tea Rice bowls, each more appetising than the last! If you're new to the dish, why not try the Hakka Signature Rice Bowl ($7.80)? It comes with Hakka chicken tofu and meatballs, Mani Cai, Long Beans, Seaweed, Sesame Seeds, and Special Mayo on Japanese short grain rice! This rice bowl is both hearty as it is delicious. ?

Credit: Ah Lock & Co. on Facebook

Meat lovers will love these bowls too! The Hakka Meatball Rice Bowl ($8.80) is served with Hakka chicken meatballs, diced tamago and broccoli, seaweed, sesame seeds and special mayo on Japanese short grain rice! You might also want to opt for the Hakka Black Beef Rice Bowl ($12.90) to really indulge in juicy meats. ?

Credit: Ah Lock & Co. on Facebook

Now, we didn't forget about the sweet Min Jiang Kueh! ? Also known as Apam Balik in Singapore, these thick pancakes are stuffed and loaded with peanuts and sugar for a crunchy, sweet and savoury dessert. And with Ah Lock & Co, you can enjoy this mouth-watering snack along with your Hakka Rice Bowl to complete your meal!

P.S. You have to try Ah Lock & Co.'s Charcoal Coconut MJK. This Min Jiang Kueh comes with black pancakes and bright-coloured peanuts for an aesthetically pleasing colour contrast. We love our desserts pretty! That way, it'll make for the perfect Instagram-worthy shot. ?

We don't know about you, but we can't wait to try these delicious traditional dishes out. Plus, with the rainy weather lately, a bowl of warm, hearty, soupy goodness is just what we need to unwind over the weekend!

Ah Lock & Co. 

Halal Status: Halal-Certified