This Luxurious Villa With Private Inifinity Pool In Hulu Langat Is Perfect For Your Next Family Getaway


Ili •  Oct 22, 2021

As we start travelling within Malaysia and making plans to catch up with loved ones who we’ve not been able to see for a long time, it’s only natural to look for a quiet holiday minus the crowds. A nature getaway will be perfect for this - plus, the change of scenery to a place surrounded by lush greenery sounds like heaven after being cooped up at home these past couple of months!

There are plenty of homestays and nature retreats in Malaysia, but if you’re searching for a place near KL where you can enjoy a large group getaway with your family and extended relatives, one place to check out is Gerimis Senja Villa in Hulu Langat.

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Credit: Gerimis Senja Villa on Facebook

Look forward to a rejuvenating stay at this home located on a hill overlooking a forest reserve. The double-story house features a beautiful and spacious concept and is able to accommodate up to 15 people, making it the perfect destination to catch up with your relatives and friends. With sliding doors all about the house that open up to a large infinity pool, you won’t want to leave!

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Credit: Gerimis Senja Villa on Facebook

The house comes fully-equipped with everything that you could possibly need, from kitchen and barbecue facilities to board games available upon request. Whether it’s taking a fun splash in the pool or lounging on the sun deck to soak in the tranquil setting, every family member - both young and old - will be able to enjoy their time here. 

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