Genting Skyworlds Theme Park Finally Opens: Here Are 10 Tips You Should Know


Qistina Bumidin •  Feb 08, 2022

After 6 years of delays, we can finally say that the much-anticipated Genting Skyworlds Theme Park is open today! ? With 9 uniquely themed zones (or worlds) within Genting SkyWorlds, with 26 brand-new rides and attractions plus loads of dining options spread throughout, it’s going to be a fun day out with your loved ones! ? Not sure what to do? We got you covered with 10 tips you should know before going for your adventure.

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10 Tips You Should Know Before Heading To Genting Skyworlds Theme Park

Credit: Genting Skyworlds for Facebook

1. Pre-book your tickets on the Genting Skyworlds Website

Yes, this might seem like a no-brainer, but it really helps ease your trip there. You wouldn’t want to go all the way there up those hills, and have no ticket anyway. ? Head on to the Genting Skyworlds website and choose which slot you would like to enter the park. Each ticket gives you unlimited entry to Genting Skyworlds for the day you’ve booked for, six VQ reservations and complimentary Photo+ access for those roller coaster photos. Not sure what any of those terms mean? Don’t worry, we will explain in a bit.

Here’s a special promotion that you wouldn’t want to miss. From today (Feb 8) till March 31st, there will be a 20% discount on your tickets to celebrate the park’s soft opening. From prices starting at RM128, you’re going to have a whole lot of fun at an amazing price. Here are the price breakdown: 

  • Standard (above 110cm): RM151 (soft opening price), RM189 (retail price)
  • Child/senior citizen/guests with disabilities: RM128 (soft opening price), RM161 (retail price)
  • Toddlers (below 90cm): free

2. Download the Genting Skyworlds Mobile App

Now this is an important step. All the information you need to make the best out of your Genting outing is right in this app. From QR codes for entry to the theme park and rides, to special features such as VQ reservations, Photo+ experiences, and claiming rewards for your shopping and dining experience, you’re going to get a little lost without the app. ?

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3. Sign up for an account

When you sign up for an account, scan your tickets to link up, and fill up your details, such as your name, height, food preferences, and interests. The last three details are going to be important to determine your fun day out. The Genting Skyworld mobile app has three special features to make your trip organised and exciting! Who says keeping organized isn’t fun?! ?

4. Create groups for multiple ticket holders

Credit: Genting Skyworlds for Facebook

The worst thing that can happen is that someone from your squad forgot to bring their ticket. Going back down the steep hills of Genting Highlands just to collect a mere ticket sounds like a horrible plan. Don’t worry! The person who bought the ticket online can create groups for multiple ticket holders, so all tickets are just in one phone. ?

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5. Generate your very own adventure itinerary 

Credit: @fichfahmi for Instagram

Based on your height and interests, your very own personal adventure itinerary awaits you. There’s going to be 26 rides and frankly, if you’re not sure which are up to your speed, you’re going to be wasting a lot of time. Genting isn’t very near, guys! At least two activities will pop up on one same time slot, and you can choose which ones you want to go first by reserving a slot.

All of the rides are family-friendly! These are the 9 themed zones: Andromeda Base, Central Park, Eagle Mountain, Epic, Ice Age, Liberty Lane, Rio, Robots Rivet Town, and Studio Plaza. From 3D cinemas, to gut-wrenching roller coaster rides, and being the lucky ones to ride on the world’s first dual-powered rollercoaster bike ride (hint: the zone involves the king of birds), it’s going to be hard choosing what you’d like. ?

#HHWTip: If you follow through your itinerary, you’ll get exclusive rewards which you can redeem for all your shopping and dining needs! 

6. Make reservations for your rides, attractions and entertainment in advance

Credit: @ailiqamarina._ for Instagram

Here’s where the phrase ‘VQ reservation’ comes in. VQ or virtual queue, is going to be a friend you never knew you needed. It’s the first day today, and there’s going to be a lot of people, and oh my, the queues! Who likes them anyway? Once you’ve chosen an activity from your itinerary, save yourself the trouble, and make a reservation for a specific time slot. Afterwards, just head to the attraction entrance at your scheduled time! It’s safe, it’s fun, you wouldn’t have to miss a ride again, just because of queues. ?

For those who do not have reservations, not to worry! You can check waiting times at each ride you wish to try before heading there.

7. Check Genting Skyworlds’s website and social media accounts a day before your slot

Credit: @ailiqamarina._ for Instagram

This is truly one of the most important steps. In lieu of the uncertain times we’re living in right now, expect to see any changes. For now, these rides are not opened to the public yet:

  • the Mad Ramp Peak - Full Throttle Racing at Eagle Mountain, 
  • the Samba Gliders at Rio, 
  • Invasion of the Planet of the Apes at Liberty Lane, 
  • Ice Age: Expedition Thin Ice and Acorn Adventure at Ice Age. 

8. All your theme park rides photos right in your hands 

Credit: @madihaaas for Instagram

After your rides, we look forward to seeing our pictures and it might be hilarious or downright embarrassing. Long gone are the days of having to select just one photo to buy as a keepsake. You simply save the photos right in your phone, or share on your social media for your followers. You can even print at the photo kiosks offered at each themed zone! Whatever it is, it’s still a memory worth keeping forever. ?

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9. Go cashless for all the shopping and dining you’re going to do

Trattoria Il Lago at Central Park Zone. Credit: @foodcoffeetea for Instagram

Apart from the theme park, there’s also a plethora of shopping and dining options for you! Remember all those rewards you’ve received earlier? Redeem them here and eat and shop till’ you drop with exclusive discounts and vouchers you wouldn’t want to miss! Each themed zone has at least one restaurant for you, so you wouldn’t have to walk around the entire theme park to find food. To check if these restaurants are halal, scroll through each zone in your phone and spot the halal sign! Some places might offer alcoholic drinks, despite serving halal-certified meals, so do dine in at your discretion. You can also do a little shopping at each zone too! What’s a trip to the theme park without a little memento from the gift shops? ?

10. Follow SOP and theme park guidelines

When you’re there, keep a 1m distance between you and the person in front of you, whether you’re walking around or queuing for your rides. Remember that only vaccinated people with low risk can enter the park. Unvaccinated children under 12 can enter the park with an accompanied vaccinated adult. There’s a limit to the number of people allowed in the park, so book your tickets in advance so that you won't miss a chance to have fun! ?

Alright, now that you’ve got all your information in your hand, what’s the next step? Well, have fun and experience the theme park we’ve been waiting for far too long! If there’s any updates, we will definitely let you know right here. See you there! ??

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