Garden By The Bay Have A New Mexican-Themed Display From Now Till September 2022


Qistina Bumidin •  Aug 25, 2022

Our only link to Mexico is through its food; taking a 20-hour flight to the other side of the world is not something many of us might do. Now you can celebrate and explore the vibrant Mexican culture at Gardens by the Bay's Hanging Gardens - Mexican Roots, a new display showcasing replicas of pyramids, Aztec statues, and festive arches in floral beauty! ?

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Credit: Gardens by the Bay

Before you step into the Flower Dome, you're already struck by the gorgeous colours of the floral arch at the entrance! This floral arch is the work of third-generation artisan Mario Arturo Aguilar Gutierrez. Along with two assistants, they travelled to Singapore from the town of Iztacalco in Mexico City to build the floral arch on-site at Gardens by the Bay. Flowers play a large part in the daily life of Mexicans from elaborate celebrations and even in death! By the way, did you know that this is actually handcrafted ?

Credit: Gardens by the Bay

Standing at 4.5m, you can't miss the Chichén Itzá pyramids. It's a replica of the world-famous El Castillo, itself touted as one of the 7 Wonders of the world. The original pyramid was built by Mayans sometime between the 8th and 12th centuries AD, and served as a temple to the deity Kukulcán. You can now view it in all of its glory right here in Singapore! ?

Credit: Gardens by the Bay

Another highlight you can't miss out on is the Double-headed Serpent! What's even cooler is this - 3,000 tillandsias have been carefully hand-tied to the frame of the serpent’s body, which measures at 18m-long! ? Serpents are extensively featured in all Aztec art, which actually symbolises the shedding of the serpent’s skin represents regeneration, new life and fertility!

Tula Giants. Credit: Gardens by the Bay

There are also other statues you should check out such as the Tula Giants which stand over 4.6m tall, 3m tall Olmec Head which wears up to 8oookg and more! How did the Mayans manage to carry such heavy statues? ?

Credit: Gardens by the Bay

Apart from massive structures, look out for a colourful corn display set in a rustic marketplace setting. Did you know that to Mexicans, corn represents life, and its harvest cycle is closely tied to the cycle of life? ?

Credit: Gardens by the Bay

There are also 7 mosaic art medallions painstakingly handmade by the Mexican community here in Singapore. All of these displays come surrounded by colourful blooms from orchids to bromeliads; truly apt to their place in the Flower Dome ?

Whether you're looking for more enriching activities to bring your kids to this upcoming September holidays, or your knowledge of Mexico just lies in tacos, it's time to explore the rich culture of Mexico at Garden by the Bay! ?

Date: Until 25th September 2022

Time: 9am-9pm daily

Address: 18 Marina Gardens Drive, Gardens by the Bay Flower Dome, Singapore 018953


Singaporeans and PR

$12 for adults, $8 for children and seniors


$20 for adults, $12 for children and seniors

Contact: 6420 6848

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