[NEW] Halal Japanese Eatery In Boat Quay SG Serves Yakiniku, Donburi & More


Siti Ayeeshah Zaki •  Apr 21, 2022

Alright, Japanese food lovers, we've got amazing news: there's a new halal Japanese eatery along Boat Quay! Opened by the 1819 group, not only does Gaijin serve some of the tastiest Japanese-inspired halal food in Singapore, but it's also got interiors that will make you feel like you're in Japan. ?? Who's ready for this?

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Gaijin: Halal Japanese Eatery In Boat Quay

Japan's borders might be closed but oh boy, could we come close to the real experience of visiting Japan with Gaijin. Just one step into Gaijin's restaurant and you'll feel like you're back in the land of zen landscapes and cherry blossoms.

Credit: Gaijin on Facebook

Reminiscent of the minimalist, tatami interior designs that Japan is famous for, Gaijin brings you not only a little taste of, but also the experience of eating in Japan - down to the Zashiki seating arrangements ??

Credit:Zulfadli Abdul Wahab on Facebook

Now let's talk about the most important part of this new halal Japanese restaurant: the food! Gaijin's Japanese-inspired menu brings you the best of Japanese fusion flavours in one plate, making it a treat that'll be hard to beat.

Boasting 7 Donburi menu items like Smoked Duck Donburi and Unagi Donburi, 10 Yakitori variations (you have to try the Chicken Tail and HokuBee Beef!) and over 8 Japanese-inspired starters like OctopusTakoyaki with Beetroot Hummus and Gyoza with Salted Egg Glaze, your mouth will water just picking them off the menu.

Credit:Zulfadli Abdul Wahab on Facebook

For the especially hungry, you can even order a full yakiniku set! Gaijin's Meat Platter goes for just $75, and their Gaijin platter at $125. Both sets are filled with juicy, succulent meats like wagyu and ribeye cuts, chicken and vegetables. Just imagine Japanese-flavoured fragrances wafting through the air, beckoning you ?

Our stomachs are rumbling just picturing tasty Japanese-inspired meats landing on our tastebuds, how are you holding up? ? This is something you definitely don't want to miss, so be sure to share this with your foodie buddy to plan your next meal out! ?


Halal Status: Muslim-Owned