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Siti Ayeeshah Zaki •  Oct 26, 2021

The Fluff Bakery that all of us have come to know and love has very recently announced that it will be closing down its home at Jalan Pisang! ? If you've been following their Instagram however, you'd have noticed that they're not only rebranding but opening and new flagship store ?

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Fluff Bakery's New Flagship Store

If the recent news has you missing Fluff Bakery's delicious bakes, you still have time! Have a bite of their Speculoos Cheese Cakes or their Strawberry compotes from now till 29 Oct, because their store at Jalan Pisang will remain open for you to savour their delicious goods. Head down and get as much as you need to hold off until they open their new store!

Credit: Fluff Bakery on Instagram

Fluff Bakery has recently announced that they'll be opening their new flagship store on Instagram. Check it out here! According to their Instagram, their new store will be 2400 square feet, bigger than their current store. This can only mean more bakes and more delights coming our way!

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Credit: Fluff Bakery on Instagram

And we know this for sure, because they've also announced that aside from their new logo, they've also announced that they will have a new menu! In conjunction with the store's 8th birthday, Fluff Bakery has decided to change their logo to something sleek and cool.

In their Instagram caption, they tell us, ''Fluff Bakery is turning 8 this November. We’ve all grown up. It’s time for a glow up. Everything is going to change (psssst, NEW LOGO AND NEW MENU YALL!), yet we are still the fluff you guys come to know and love.''

Credit: Fluff Bakery on Instagram

This is definitely something we can look forward to - so while the store in Jalan Pisang is closing, something new and exciting is coming our way! Are you excited? Cause we are ?

Fluffy Bakery 

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