Check Out This Japanese Souffle Pancake Review To Find Out Whether Flipper SG's Japanese Souffles Are Really That Good


Farhana Husin •  Sep 24, 2021

This article is written by our Tribes by HHWT member, Farhana Ayu, about her experience tasting Japanese Souffle Pancakes at Flipper's.

It started from an accidental trip to Takashimaya that lead us to stumble upon Flipper's. We were walking around when we saw from afar a brightly yellow colored Flipper's signboard & remembered the article shared Have Halal, Will Travel about the restaurant being halal-certified!

We immediately aborted all our plans to go to other malls & quickly made our way to Flipper's! Thank God for their super nice, friendly & accommodating crew, because we managed to get ourselves in just before they closed for the night. And it had been a busy night!

Since their seasonal limited edition pancakes & hazelnut choc pancakes were out of stock, we decided to try their Kiseki Signature Pancake, their original classic pancake, and Eggs Benedict Soufflé Pancake.

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I'm not a major fan of pancakes... But, the first forkful of their Signature Pancake with the Cream was so incredibly good! It was so fluffy and delicious I wanted to quickly clean the plate off all by myself. If it weren't for someone being with me, I would not have been reminded that I was meant to share! ?

You know the food is good when the table suddenly goes quiet. We gobbled up the classic pancakes in silence. However, the silence only lasted for a while because our Eggs Benedict Soufflé Pancakes were served. We were wowed by the eggs and couldn't wait to do the Poke Test to see if the yolks would be runny.. It needs to pass the Runny egg test for it to be named as Eggs Benedict right?! ?

Verdict: The egg yolk is runny!

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It was clever for the Pancakes to be served with a mix of Prawns and Smoked Salmon, too, especially for someone like me who loves both types of seafood. I hate the feeling of having to choose just 1 type. I'd end up feeling like I'm missing out on what the others taste like ? So, thank you Flipper's SG for creating that mix in your menu! Even their Honey Chicken Souffle Pancake is served with a mix of Bacon & Honey Chix Bits?

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After tonight's Japanese Souffle Pancakes, we can't wait to go back again or wait till their new outlet in Bugis Junction to open in October! Here's to trying the rest of their Fluffy Pancakes!!

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