NEW: This Halal Restaurant In Sembawang Serves Comforting Asian Soups Like Fish Soup And Seafood Paofan


Qistina Bumidin •  Sep 19, 2022

Yesterday morning (18th September), Singapore was enjoying sweater weather - some areas saw temperatures drop to as low as 22°C! And such cooling temperatures call for comforting soups ?If you're looking for a place to dig into some delicious, warm soups, this new restaurant in Sembawang, Hugabo, is what you're looking for! ?

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Hugabo become halal-certified in August and aimed to offer you comfort on the go with its array of Asian-style soups! If you're new to this place, we suggest trying the all-time favourite: Signature Fish Soup! Choose from 3 types of fish to go with their tasty signature fish broth. Paired with a mix of napa cabbage, cherry tomato and sour pickled vegetable, this nourishing bowl promises a satisfying meal - you'll be slurping it up in no time ?

Seafoodies will love their Signature Seafood Soup!

Every bowl is filled with rich broth lovingly prepared with all-natural ingredients and accompanied with fresh seafood like toman fish, fresh scallops, flower clams and juicy prawns. Hugabo suggests you to pair up the soup with their La Mian or Mi Xian noodles (a type of rice noodles for a more satisfying bite) ?

You should also try their Signature Seafood Paofan! Not to be confused with your regular porridge, “Pao” 泡 means “submerging”, while “fan” 饭 refers to rice - translating to 'submerged rice', or rice that's cooked wholly in soup without being mashed. This Teochew delicacy packs on a lot of flavours with generous servings of toman fish, fresh scallops, flower clams and juicy prawns mixed in with gragrant rice, before being topped with silky egg floss and crispy rice puffs. This hearty dish will surely hit the comfort spot ?

If you want to switch things up, Hugabo also lets you customise your soup the way you love - with a wide array of healthy, wholesome, and nutrient-dense ingredients, to match their signature rich and super-tasty base ? Soups feel like you're embracing a warm hug, and Hugabo promises to live up to that - it's in the name itself anyway! ?

Halal status: Halal-certified

Address: 30 Sembawang Dr, #01-27A Sun Plaza, Singapore 757713

Opening hours: 11am-8.30pm daily

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