Fiji To Reopen For Singaporeans & Here Are 3 Muslim-Friendly Islands You Can Visit


Siti Aishah Ahmad •  Oct 18, 2021

Dubbed as a South Pacific paradise, Fiji has always been famous for its picturesque palm-lined beaches and sand as white as you can imagine! Their cold and sparkling ocean waters are perfect for a refreshing dip or swim. As travel-deprived people are increasing each day, demands to escape to relaxing, tropical getaways are rising too. Fiji is one of the countries where demands are booming for it to open and after two years of closed borders, it is finally preparing to welcome foreign tourists from selected countries which include Singapore, USA, the UK and South Korea starting this November.

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Plan A Calm Escape To Fiji With These Famous & Muslim-Friendly Islands

Unfortunately, Fiji is not one of the countries under the new Vaccinated Travel Lane scheme so Singaporeans do need to quarantine upon returning home and possibly undergo a two or three day quarantine at hotels according to The Guardian. Tourists must also show proof a negative PCR test result and take another test after they've landed at the airport.

Choosing which island to stay at in Fiji can be a daunting task since the country is home to 333 islands but rest assured that you are sure to find the most suitable one for you! Here's a list of 3 popular islands you can visit with halal food nearby ?

1. Viti Levu

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One of their famous islands is Viti Levu, the largest one in Fiji. Viti Levu is home to popular tourist cities like Lautoka, Nadi and Suva, the capital city. This island is a must-visit for first timers in Fiji as you can expect full tranquility at the largest island Fiji has to offer with spectacular rainforest peaks, mountains, waterfalls and unique sand dunes.

The island has everything for international travelers, from luxury resorts to restaurants of all cuisines including halal ones. Many hotels in this island offer halal food and Grand Pacific Hotel in Suva is one of them! Luxury resort, Radisson Blu Resort Fiji also serves halal food on request.

2. Taveuni

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The next in the list is Taveuni, an island blessed with lush green tropical plants, cool waters and lots of exotic creatures! Taveuni is often called as "Garden Island of Fiji" and who wouldn't want to set foot on Earth's paradise? ? If you're planning to experience a nature-themed trip here, be sure to visit Bouma National Heritage Park. There's an impressive amount of different birds and this national park is also home to the three stunning Tavoro Waterfalls (as pictured above!). Taveuni is perfect for fans of waterfalls.

To elevate your experience, try staying at Taveuni Palms Resort, a gorgeous resort surrounded by swaying coconut trees and the blue ocean. They also serve halal food so you could enjoy a delicious breakfast with a stunning view!

3. Vanua Levu

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Second largest island in Fiji, Vanua Levu is an attractive spot for nature lovers who enjoy surrounding themselves with tall, green trees with their leaves swaying to greet you as you pass them by. When you come to Vanua Levu, visit the scenic Hibiscus Highway in Savusavu to be enchanted with the striking view of nature and its clean beaches. Diving and snorkeling are also fun activities that you could do at Rainbow Reef or Namena Marine Reserve, home to the country's most unspoiled coral reefs.

If you're searching for a hotel that serves halal food, then you can try staying at Namale Resort and Spa in Hibiscus Highway as they provide halal food on request.

Halal Food In Fiji

If you're worried about finding halal food in Fiji then worry not as there are plenty eateries that provide halal meat or cater it to its customers when requested. You'd be pleased to know that every McDonald's in Fiji are halal-certified too! There's a lot of Muslims in Fiji and every major town has mosques so you will have a place to do your prayers. To know where halal restaurants are located, read this budget-friendly travel guide for Muslims in Fiji!

With beautiful islands and resorts, Fiji is every nature lover's dream holiday destination and you should visit this lovely country too ☺️

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