5 Muslim-Friendly Family Set Deliveries In KL & Selangor For Any Celebration At Home


Cheng Sim •  Jun 11, 2021

Whether you're celebrating Father's Day or any occasion at all, you can always count on halal family set delivery in Kuala Lumpur (KL) and Selangor to deliver straight to your doorstep. Besides giving your mother a well-deserved break from cooking, it's always a good way to treat your family to a yummy meal, especially when you're staying home.

1. Nando's

Just because you can't dine at Nando's right now, it doesn't mean you can't celebrate Father's Day at home with your favourite grilled chicken. Since it's a family-friendly restaurant, Nando's has a Jumbo Platter that consists of 2 whole chickens and 5 large sides - perfect for a small family party.

Halal status: Halal-certified

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2. ILI POT - Steamboat & Grill Delivery

If you miss visiting your favourite halal steamboat eateries in KL, order some family sets from ILI POT to enjoy it at home. With a choice of steamboat or grill, check out the Jamuan Combo that's perfect for a family of 6-8 people. It includes beef slices, tiger prawns, vegetables, shabu-shabu meal and more.

Halal status: Muslim-owned

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3. PichaEats

PichaEats provides halal buffet catering and meal boxes delivery service cooked by a team of refugee chefs! Browse their menu to check out family meal delivery like Nesreen's Syrian Set, Laila's Afghan set, and Heba's Palestinian set.

Halal status: All ingredients are sourced from halal-certified suppliers and PichaEats has Muslim chefs

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4. Shellout

Perfect for seafood lovers, Shellout has two seafood combos that are perfect for 4-5 people. It includes large crabs, prawns, green mussel, giant scallop, broccoli, corn, sweet potato fries, and fried baby octopus.

Halal status: All ingredients are sourced from halal-certified suppliers and their outlet at Ayer 8, Putrajaya is halal-certified

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5. De.Wan 1958 by Chef Wan

Yes, you can also enjoy delicious local flavours from De.Wan 1958 by Chef Wan in the comfort of your home! They have family set meals ideal for 4-10 people and it features meals like live sea bass asam pedas, kari kambing gulai kawah, sotong masak hitam che dah, and more!

Halal status: All meats and ingredients are sourced from halal-certified suppliers, and the restaurant has a Muslim co-owner

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If you're planning to celebrate Father's Day at home, reach out to these Muslim-friendly family set deliveries in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor and have it delivered to your doorstep! Alternatively, you can check out these easy and delicious recipes you can make for a Father's Day feast.