Experience A Memorable Magical Autumn in Kyoto


Riza Safar •  Sep 24, 2021

This article about experiencing autumn in Kyoto was written by our Tribes by HHWT member, Riza Safar. 

Memorable Magical Kyoto

We decided to visit Kyoto a few years back and had the most memorable experience. It was our first free and easy holiday and although we were apprehensive at first, we were glad did it. It was and still is our favourite holiday.

We get to plan exactly what we wanted to do, amongst which was to experience spending the day exploring the Bamboo forest in kimonos. Even my husband agreed to get board.

We were lucky that the autumn leaves were in full bloom and with its many pagodas everywhere it was so magical and surreal, and us being our attires, it felt more so, if that's possible.

We had the chance to experience drinking green tea with a traditional confectionery in a beautiful garden while admiring the surrounding trees filled with red, yellow and orange leaves.

We also went for a walk in the Kimono Forest. It is a walkway lined with poles wrapped with Kimono cloths in many beautiful designs. It was a beautiful day.

We also decided to explore Kyoto on a bicycle. We got ourselves a guide and cycled to some remarkable places. We cycled through the back alleys which were really fun because we get to see a lot of traditional houses.

One of the places we cycled to was the Gion District. We stopped outside a traditional geisha house that was no longer occupied and the guide told us the history of the lane and geisha houses which was really interesting. The whole area really screamed "Memoirs of a Geisha" to me. We cycled to a few other famous landmarks before we ended the day and return back to our traditional hotel which had a view of one of Kyoto's tallest pagoda.

Everything about Kyoto is just so magical and we can't wait to go back again someday.. Perhaps to experience it in another season.

P.S. Missing Japan? This virtual experience will take you to see Japan's cherry blossoms! 

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