6 Exciting Activities In Pangkor Island That Should Be In Your To-Do-List


Siti Aishah Ahmad •  Oct 04, 2021

Hear, hear Malaysians! Prime Minister Ismail Sabri recently announced that interstate and international travel will resume once 90% of the adults population are fully vaccinated which won't be long now. As of October 2nd 2021, 87.2%  of adults have received two doses of their Covid 19-vaccination.

With that being said, Pulau Pangkor is a must destination for all you travelers! Situated in Perak, Pulau Pangkor's popularity is eclipsed by other prominent islands in Malaysia but it's beauty and calming features would take your breath away. Here are 6 things that you could do when you're at Pangkor Island!

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6 Things To Do In Pangkor Island

1. Snorkel among the sea creatures and corals

To leave a beautiful island without snorkeling is uncanny. It is a must activity in every island in Malaysia! The blue waters in Pangkor promises a clear view of sea creatures and coral reefs when you snorkel. On account of its geographical location, the waves at the island is calming and ensures your safety.

On top of that, the local authorities is in collaboration with Reef Check Malaysia to sustain the lives and beauty of coral reefs in Pangkor Island. For years, the corals were being damaged by overfishing and sunscreens with harmful ingredients. When you do go for snorkeling, be sure to apply sunscreen that are free from chemicals that might affect the reefs.

2. Kayak & jet ski around the island

As mentioned before, the seas of Pangkor are calm due to its location. Because of this, kayaking and jet skiing are considered safe especially for new learners! Roam around the island seas and breathe in the crisp, salty air. You could also catch the view of the island, with its sandy beach and bright green forest. A great activity for nature lovers!

3. Enjoy sunsets at Pasir Bogak Beach

After a tiring day packed with activities at the sea, relax your body and mind by watching a sunset at Pasir Bogak Beach. The beach is a long stretch of fine sand and shaded by tall coconut trees. Here, you'll feel one with the nature as you enjoy the sun setting with a cup of refreshing coconut water!

4. Feed the hornbills

If you love animals, especially birds then you are very much encouraged visit the Sunset View Chalet. The owners of this resort provides the bananas to be fed to the hornbills and it's a free activity. Make sure you arrive at the chalet by 6:30PM as that is the prime time where hornbills will flock around for the feast! There is no admission fee but you can make a donation. It's an activity that can be enjoyed by both adults and children.

5. Dine-in with a view at Fisherman's Cove

Credit: Pangkorlautresort.com

Located next to the beautiful, blue sea, Fisherman's Cove is the perfect place to have a delicious meal with a breathtaking view! Fisherman's Cove is situated inside the luxurious Pangkor Laut Resort and if you're staying the night here, definitely dine-in at their restaurant packed with flavourful seafood-themed dishes prepared by a professional chef

6. Explore the Dutch Fort ruins

Credit: VisitPerak.com.my

For those with an eye (and heart!) for history, you should visit the ruins of the Dutch Fort. Perak is rich with history and with the centuries of colonization, it is no surprise to find mesmerizing ruins in Pangkor Island. The ruins are remnants of a fort or a warehouse built by the Dutch in the 17th century to store tin supplies. However, it was destroyed by the Malays in 1690. The Dutch tried to rebuild it again in 18th century but to no avail. Today, sight-seers are able to experience the history of the locals and colonizers through this fort.

It's an exciting news that interstate and international travel will be allowed soon for Malaysians!