EMCO In Malaysia: A Full List Of SOPs And Guidelines You Should Know


Cheng Sim •  Jul 02, 2021

As the world braves through the pandemic, living in various phases of Movement Control Order is slowly becoming a new norm for Malaysians. If your area has been hit with EMCO (Enhanced Movement Control Order), you might be wondering about how will it affect your work and social movements or what are the things you can and cannot do during EMCO in Malaysia? We're here to help you answer some questions and more!

What is EMCO?

Enhanced Movement Control Order (EMCO) is described as a total lockdown in a targeted state, city or area where non-essential sectors are not allowed to operate and movements are very restricted. Compared to MCO, CMCO and RMCO in Malaysia, EMCO is the strictest phase of movement control order in Malaysia.

Things you can and cannot do during EMCO in Malaysia 

Movement control

  • Travel is not allowed after 8PM unless for emergency or medical cases, with permission from Royal Malaysia Police.
  • All entry and exit points to EMCO areas will be closed and monitored by the Royal Malaysia Police
  • All residents in EMCO areas are not allowed to leave their home. Only one person per household are allowed to leave their home to buy groceries, food and other necessities within 10KM radius from their residence.
  • You may leave your home for emergency (illness or death) and medical cases with permission from the Royal Malaysia Police.
  • Inter-district and interstate travel for leisure and recreational purposes are not allowed

Food and basic necessities

  • For EMCO areas without access to food and basic necessities, food aid will be provided by Pusat Kawalan Operasi Bencana (PKOB) Negeri/Daerah and distributed by APM and RELA.
  • Restaurants, food stalls, and food trucks are allowed to operate from 8AM to 8PM
  • No dine-in allowed. Takeaway, drive-thru, and delivery services are allowed.
  • Groceries, veterinaries, and pet shops are allowed to operate from 8AM to 8PM.
  • Wholesale markets are allowed to operate from 12AM to 6AM
  • Farmers markets and other markets are allowed to operate from 6AM to 2PM

Hospitals and clinics

  • Hospitals, clinics, pharmacies, and medical laboratories are allowed to operate 24 hours

Activities within EMCO areas

  • Economic and industrial activities, agriculture, fishery, tourism, kindergarten and day care centres, businesses, official ceremonies including meetings, social gatherings, cultural and creative industries, education, religious activities, places of worships are not allowed.
  • Ministry of Health will conduct COVID-19 screenings on all residents under EMCO areas
  • Social activities, sports, and recreations, including jogging, cycling and hiking, are not allowed


  • Essential sectors are allowed to operate from 8AM to 8PM
  • You need to present an authorisation letter from your employer or a valid work pass to travel for work
  • Factories listed under essential sectors such as rice, white bread, sugar, medicine and face mask can operate

COVID-19 vaccination appointments

  • Inter-district and interstate travel for COVID-19 vaccine appointments are allowed
  • You must present proof of vaccination from your MySejahtera app

Public transport

  • Train, bus, and e-hailing are allowed to operate from 6AM to 10PM
  • Public transport is allowed to operate at 50% capacity
  • For taxi and e-hailing, only two people (including the driver) per vehicle are allowed

We hope this article answers some questions you might have about the things you can and cannot do during EMCO in Malaysia!