NEW: Egg Stop’s New Sandwich Is Perfect For The Seafood Lover


Siti Ayeeshah Zaki •  Jun 22, 2022

If you're a fan of all-things Korean or Korean food, you might have probably heard of the wildly popular Korean breakfast toast which took everyone by storm a few years back. Fluffy eggs pressed between toasted bread making up a delicious, buttery sandwich, it’s not wonder this dish is so popular! 

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And with Egg Stop, we’ve been able to enjoy this delicious medley of flavours for a while now ? This year though, Egg Stop is changing it up with a new menu! ? Read on to check it out. 

A tribute to diversity, spontaneity, and accessibility, Egg Stop’s mission to reignite a passion for breakfast despite our city schedules has proven to be a pretty successful one. You can’t go wrong with tasty, filling sandwiches anytime of the day, on the go! 

And it definitely helps that their menu items are incredibly Instagrammable too. ? Tell us you’ve never admired the aesthetically pleasing photos of these delicious sandwiches! ? If you’re heading over to enjoy this mouth-watering all-day sandwich, this is what you can expect. 

Need something filling to kick start your day? Egg Stop’s Fried Chicken Sando ($7) is the pick for your meal! Made up of a fried chicken patty cooked to perfection sandwiched between Egg Stop’s signature fluffy eggs and buttery bread, this sandwich will make your day with its sweet and savoury flavours. Not to mention its cheese and spice toppings - a treat that’s hard to beat! 

Just be sure to have your tissues ready, cause it’s going to get just a little messy ?

But why stop there? Complete your meal with a comforting childhood classic: Egg Stop’s Mac & Cheese ($5.50)! Who could resist macaroni mixed with cheesy, creamy, gooey goodness? ? This ever-favourite comes with chewy and crunchy add-ons like Turkey Bacon Bits and Fried Chicken to enhance this dish of comfort food. Make it a full meal by adding a juice of your choice ($6.90); we bet it’s going to last you the entire day! 

And finally, the new addition to the Egg Stop family: the Sweet Thai Chilli Fish Sandwich  ($7)! This delightful new menu item assembles fried, battered fish together with sweet Thai Chilli sauce, fluffy eggs and buttered toast. ? It’s the perfect, quick meal for those busy days! 

Egg Stop can be found at 4 spots around the island: Rangoon Road, Bedok North, Vivo, and their new outlet on 802 Upper Serangoon Road! Talk about accessibility - you can find one on each corner of the island ? 

And if that’s still a little too far for you, you can always get Egg Stop’s mouth-watering sandwiches delivered! In the spirit of providing you with all-day breakfast choices despite the hustle and bustle, Egg Stop’s available on Grab, Deliveroo and foodpanda ?

Soft fluffy eggs to give you a little boost for the day, Egg Stop’s definitely the perfect pit stop to refuel and refresh. And with such tasty meals, why wouldn’t we? ?

Egg Stop 

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89 Rangoon Road, #01-03

84 Bedok North street 4 , #01-35

1 Harbourfront Walk B2, K19

802 Upper Serangoon Rd

Opening Hours: Monday to Sunday, 1030am - 9pm.

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