Here Are 5 Indoor Plants That Are So Easy To Care For They Won't Die On You


Siti Ayeeshah Zaki •  Aug 25, 2021

If you're looking to liven up your room with plants but have no idea how to care for them, this article's for you. Lacking green thumbs does not have to be an issue when there are tens, maybe hundreds of plants for the careless plant lover. From the common money plant to the popular succulent, killing plants seems to be something many plant parents can relate to. And if you aren't a plant parent just yet, caring for plants may feel a little complicated or daunting. Well worry not! HHWT has compiled a list of 5 plants that are easy to care for.

Easy Plants To Care For

1. Snake Plant

Also known as the Sanseveria or Mother-In-Law's Tongue, the Snake Plant is easy to care for and does not require as much attention. They are famous for their ability to survive in the most unsuitable growing condtions. So if you're looking for an easy plant to care for, this one might just be for you!

Low light in your room? No problem! Indirect sunlight is ideal for any snake plant - and even then, they can take full sun! It really does not matter how bright or dark your room is, it seems the snake plant can withstand it all.

However, snake plants can easily rot, s0 you need to make sure the soil is well-drained. Fortunately, though, that seems to be the extent of its difficulty! Watering the plant is easy. All you have to do is allow the soil to dry between waterings and you're good to go

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2. Syngonium Batik

A lesser known but incredibly beautiful plant, the Syngonium Batik is easy to care for as long as you remember to water them! They tolerate environments with low light and can grow almost anywhere in your home.

And if you're not into the Syngonium Batik's leaves' patterns, you can choose any other pattern! There are over 46 types of syngoniums to choose from. They even have pink and white ones to choose from to suit your personality ?

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3. Money Plant

The easiest of the lot, the money plant is the strangest to care for. It thrives regardless of whether you water it too much or too little. However ideally, watering a money plant should occur about once a week so you can get a nicely growing plant.

The Money plant generally grows well in direct sunlight, but they can even be place in low light conditions. Many choose to decorate their bathrooms with money plants for this reason! This is especially so since Money plants absolutely love humid environments.

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4. Spider Plant

Named after its appearance, the spider plant looks like spiders, or spiderettes. Starting out as small, white flowers, these spiderettes dangle down from the main mother plant and they look just like spiders on a spider web!

The Spider Plant's needs are really simple. All you need to do is place the plant in bright to moderate light and keep the soil slightly moist. Water it once a week and your spider plant is set!

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5. Succulents

If you've ever been in the plant section of your local shopping mall, you're bound to see these easy-going little succulents. Marketed as plants that thrive on neglect, you couldn't be far from right! These cute, easy going plants don't need much watering as they are native to dry areas. In fact, they might just die if you watered them too frequently!

Place your succulent in a pot with soil that drains well (check with the plant shop assistants!) and make sure your succulent gets plenty of sunlight. Water it only when all the soil is dry - and you're good to go! So if you're someone who forgets to water your plants often, succulents might just be for you.

Succulents come in all shapes, types and sizes, so you get to choose one that you like best! While caring for each type of succulent may vary, one thing's for sure, they're pretty easy!

Caring for plants might seem daunting if you're just starting out, but with these plants, we promise that it won't be easy to kill them off so quickly! ?