5 Easy Japanese & Korean Ramen Recipes To Get Your Noodle Craving Fix


Ili •  Jun 25, 2021

Ramen is an iconic Japanese dish that's really comforting to eat - a hot bowl of flavourful broth served with springy noodles and toppings like eggs, meat, seaweed and more. But did you know there are plenty of variations besides the classic version that you can enjoy as well? Find them in this list of easy ramen recipes and get ready to make yourself a slurp-worthy bowl of hearty goodness.

1. Shoyu ramen

There's no better dish to kick off this list than with traditional shoyu ramen. While it's often made using pork (in the broth or served on top) together with ingredients that have alcohol such as mirin and sake, you can easily swap them out and make a halal version - check out our easy recipe here.

2. Ramdon

Made with a combination of two types of instant noodles - Chapagetti and Neoguri - ramdon (ramen +udon) is one of the easiest things you can whip up at home. Popularized by the award-winning film, Parasite, recreate this dish by following Korean Bapsang's recipe. While it includes the use of beef (sirloin steak to be exact), you can always omit this or switch it up with another protein of your liking.

P.S. Stock up your pantry with these 18 halal Korean instant noodles that you can find in Malaysia & Singapore.

3. Kimchi ramen

Looking for ways to use your jar of halal homemade kimchi? Then it's time to make kimchi ramen! You can keep it as simple as you want with just kimchi and your choice of instant noodles or add other ingredients for a more filling meal like egg, mushrooms and vegetables.

4. Miso ramen

It doesn't take a whole lot to whip up miso ramen. With Seonkyoung Longest's video recipe above or even this recipe by the Minimalist Baker, you 'll have a flavourful bowl of clear broth, springy noodles an fresh vegetables ready to go at any time of the day.

5.Budae jjigae

Also known as Korean Army Stew, budae jjigae is a hearty kimchi stew that is perfect to indulge on a chilly day. Spicy, comforting and most importantly delicious, this one-pot meal should definitely be on your list of recipes because it's just that easy to make!

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